. New Courses and One-off Events in Semester 2 2019

U3APP has been very active in continuing to add to the course program.  Bookings are open for Semester 2, 2019, and the following new courses, repeat courses and one-off events have been included so far:  (the newest courses since the last e-bulletin are highlighted in bold text)


Monday Courses

Tuesday Courses

Wednesday Courses

Thursday Courses

Friday Courses

One Week Course


Out and About

Saturday Seminars


Special Events

Seniors Festival

For further details about the above courses and one-off events and to book, or if the event is full, to put yourself on the waitlist, click on the course or event name.

You can check back here whenever you want to know about new Courses and One-Off Events.

. Dates for your Diary


Friday 23 August (runs until 11 October) - Awash With Colour Art Show - opening night

Monday 9 September - Cinema at ACMI: The Extraordinary Journey of Celeste Garcia

Friday 20 September - end Term 3

Monday 7 October - start Term 4

Saturday 12 October - The Seniors Festival Community Forum:  Are Victoria and the City of Port Phillip ageing well?

Monday 14 & Tuesday 15 October: 2:00-4:00pm Seniors Festival Art Exhibition 

Wednesday 16 October 2:00-4:30pm Seniors Festival Concert for Choir, Ukulele and French in Songs

Thursday 17 October: 2:00-4:30pm Seniors Festival Concert for Recorder, Allsorts and All That Jazz

Friday 1 November - start of U3APP financial year and membership renewals open for 2020

Tuesday 5 November - Melbourne Cup Day - U3APP office closed

Thursday 14 November - Out & About: Tour and talk at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

Saturday 16 November - Saturday Seminar - Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC) 

Saturday 23 November - Out & About: The Worker's Port Phillip History Walk

Saturday 30 November - U3APP AGM and Christmas Party

Wednesday 4 December - Out & About: Punting on the Lake

Friday 6 December - end Term 4 / end Semester 2


. Awash With Colour – Art Show

The U3APP Art Show invites you to its Opening Night on Friday 23 August from 7pm - 9pm, at the South Melbourne Community Centre, corner Ferrars Place & Park St.  The show features the work of more than twenty artists including watercolour, mixed media and drawings.  Wine and cheese will be served and works will be available for purchase (cash or card).

You can view the flyer for this event by clicking here

. Farewell Colin Jones

Farewell Colin Jones - compiled by Diane Boyle from comments by Colin's class members, and with thanks to Mac for his photo of Colin

Colin led the Tales of the Sea course for over 10 years at U3APP.  His topics were wide-ranging from naval battles in every sea over the centuries, to histories of the Victorian Navy, ship construction, exploration of Australia by sea, even a series of talks about the Hornblower books.  His extraordinary knowledge also gave us talks on the Melbourne cable cars and blimps.  His talks were full of interest as he was a good story-teller and had a twinkling sense of humour.  His passion for history and for ships shone through.  He brought to class many an interesting book, including several of the over seven books he wrote, and vast numbers of pictures of ships and maps.  He loved songs such as sea shanties and Gilbert & Sullivan, parts of which he would sing to us from time to time.

Many of his class members returned year after year to listen to the fabulous tales Colin had to tell.  He had an encyclopaedic mind filled with anecdotes that kept the class of Tales of the Sea enthralled.

A celebration of his life was held at the Albert Park Yachting and Angling Club at which his wife Robyn read an obituary which Colin had written for himself prior to his death.

Tales of the Sea class - written by Jill Hearman

When I was on duty in the office I always looked forward to Colin’s visits on Thursday afternoons when he came in to run his class. He was always so cheery and obviously enjoyed passing on his vast knowledge about ships and the sea.

I admired him enormously for continuing to teach despite his ongoing cancer treatments.

We have lost a born teacher and a delightful man in Colin Jones.


. Report on the Tutors and Volunteers Celebration

On Friday 21 June 2019, the annual U3APP Tutors and Volunteers celebration was held at the Mary Kehoe centre to thank all the volunteers for all the hard work and time that they freely give to U3APP. The event was a huge success with over 40 tutors and volunteers enjoying a time to relax and meet each other. Pam Caven, Deputy President thanked everyone for their contributions to U3APP which help to make our U3A such a success. Thanks also to our catering team for a superb afternoon tea. Also a big thank you goes to Barry MacIntosh and Aziza Khamlichi who kindly photographed the event. Some of their fantastic photos are attached here.

. Kevin English – 2019 National Stroke Volunteer of the Year

Stroke Foundation Volunteer of the Year awarded to Kevin English

U3A Port Phillip member Kevin English this week won the national Volunteer of the Year award from the Australian Stroke Foundation. Kevin joined U3A Port Phillip in 2012 and served as a committee member and treasurer for 2 ½ of these years. The award recognises Kevin’s contributions towards reducing the impact of stroke on the community.

Kevin was presented with this year’s Volunteer of the Year Award at a ceremony at the Melbourne Town Hall on 7 May 2019. Kevin suffered a debilitating haemorrhagic stroke (specifically a burst brain aneurism) 9 years ago which lead to a 6-month hospital stay and a slow but effective progressive recovery since then.

Kevin began volunteering for the Stroke Foundation six years ago and his involvement has spanned many different roles in that time. These include educating the community through StrokeSafe presentations, representing people with stroke on the Stroke Foundation Consumer Council, sharing his experience in educational videos and in media and advocating with government and the health system to improve stroke treatment and care. Kevin also represents stroke sufferers’ interests on the Stroke Clinical Network of Safer Care Victoria, the body charged with improving stroke treatment throughout Victoria.

Stroke Foundation Chief Executive Officer Sharon McGowan congratulated Kevin on being named this year’s winner of the Volunteer of the Year Award.

“Kevin has contributed countless hours to Stroke Foundation. He has influenced the charity’s core aims, to prevent stroke, save lives and enhance recovery, on many levels” Ms McGowan said.

“Kevin is an inspiration. His experience, dedication and insights are invaluable.”

Stroke Foundation’s 2019 Stroke Awards recognise Australia’s unsung heroes of stroke. Almost 70 people were nominated for an award this year across six categories: Improving Life after Stroke, Creative, Courage, Fundraiser of the Year, Volunteer of the Year and President’s Achievement.

For more information about the 2019 Stroke Awards visit https://strokefoundation.org.au/Media-Releases/2019/05/07/05/18/2019-Stroke-Award-Winners-Announced

Some facts about stroke

A stroke happens when blood supply via arteries to the brain is interrupted. Blood flow may be interrupted or stop because the artery is blocked (ischaemic stroke) or bursts (haemorrhagic stroke). When brain cells do not get enough oxygen or nutrients, they die. The area of brain damage is called a cerebral infarct.

  • Stroke is one of Australia’s biggest killers and is a leading cause of disability.
  • Stroke kills more women than breast cancer and more men than prostate cancer.
  • In 2017 there were more than 56,000 new and recurrent strokes – that is one stroke every nine minutes. One in six Australians will suffer a stroke during their lifetime.
  • More than 80% of strokes can be prevented through appropriate medication (e.g. to control high blood pressure) and/or other lifestyle changes.
  • In 2017 there will be more than 475,000 people living with the effects of stroke. This is predicted to increase to one million by 2050.
  • Around 30% of stroke survivors are of working age (under the age of 65).
  • 65% of stroke survivors suffer a disability which impedes their ability to carry out daily living activities unassisted.

The FAST test is an easy way to recognise and remember the major signs of stroke. Using the FAST test involves asking these simple questions:
Face – Check their face. Has their mouth drooped?
Arms – Can they lift both arms?
Speech – Is their speech slurred? Do they understand you?
Time – Time is critical. If you see any of these signs, call 000 straight away.

Educate your friends, children and grandchildren to recognise these signs. It could save a life.  If anyone would like to request a presentation on stroke, please contact Kevin English via the U3A office or the Stroke Foundation https://strokefoundation.org.au/What-we-do/Prevention-programs/StrokeSafe-Speakers.



. VALE Ian Spalding

VALE Ian Spalding

Ian Spalding, U3APP member, died peacefully on the morning of 7 April 2019.  Ian was married to Barbara, who was the U3APP Office Coordinator for many years.

Ian came to Melbourne from rural Victoria, where his father had a Stock & Station Agency.  Ian graduated as a teacher and taught in Melbourne schools until he met Barbara and they married.

Ian’s second career was in International Aid & Community Development.  He also had a lifelong commitment to Australia’s First Peoples and travelled to many indigenous communities where long lasting friendships were built.

In retirement, Ian and Barbara joined U3APP where their combined contribution was significant.

Gentle, courteous, and always supportive, Ian was a loving husband to Barbara and loving father to Rebecca, Harriet, and Ellen.  As a loyal, and staunch friend, Ian will be sadly missed by so many.

José Simsa

. How to stop U3APP emails going into the Spam folder in gmail mailboxes

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If you have a gmail address, please check your spam folder for our emails. Please also tell all your U3APP friends about this problem as this e-Bulletin might also go into their spam folders. Click here for instructions on how to tell gmail to not send U3APP emails into the spam folder.

. Notes of the OV meeting 20 March 2019

U3APP Office Volunteers Meeting

Wednesday 20 March 2019 at Mary Kehoe Centre, 3.30pm

Present:  Pauline Amos (Chair), Graham Gosling (President U3APP), Sunny Acreman, Rosie Attard, Margo Anderson, Kevin Barry, Lois Best, Fay Bock, Lu Craven, Karen English, Jennifer Fall, Cheryl Freeman, Ann Gibson, Bev Fryer, Marion Lock, Meredith Mancini, Merren Pemberton, Margaret Smith, Diana Stock, Desleigh Kent (for first part of meeting)

Apologies: Margaret Byron, Branko Colavizza, Helen Donnellan, Robyn Foy, Heather Hamilton, Barbara Hill, Jill O’Keefe, Vicki Radcliffe, Eamon Rooney, Jan Weaver

Welcome and Thank You

Graham Gosling welcomed everyone to the gathering, stressing the key importance of all the work done from the office desk and the value of the personal contacts which OVs establish with members.

Graham presented Desleigh Kent with a book voucher from the Committee of Management in appreciation for over five years of service in organising the desk roster.   As well, flowers and chocolates were given to Desleigh by Bev on behalf of the whole OVs team.

Introduction to the IT Checklist

Karen English introduced a two-page checklist which identifies the IT skills that OVs need to have.  Everyone at the meeting was invited to take two copies and complete the tick-boxes.  One copy is to be kept for personal reference, the other returned to the office – this will be a useful guide to Karen and Meredith when they are doing one-on-one coaching of OVs in second term.  The checklist covers a number of topics:  Emails; Using the U3APP website as a member; Membership tasks; Class/event tasks.

It also draws attention to things that OVs should NOT do!  Importantly, except for one-off events and excursions, do not put anyone directly into a course yourself.  Instead, encourage a member to log in personally (with your help if necessary) and do their own class registrations/withdrawals etc.  If help really is needed, you can send an email giving the details to [email protected]

See the checklist here .

The IT ‘back end’

Karen demonstrated how all the data from the electronic rolls is now aggregated into a single spreadsheet devised by Hugh Serjeant.  This gives the Enrolment Team/ITEM an overview of who is missing classes without apologising, and makes it easier to actively manage the many waitlists.  A copy of the presentation is available here.  The lesson for all OVs is to make sure that apologies are promptly recorded, whether they come to you from a member in person, by phone or via email.  It’s also important to delete emailed apologies after they have been safely entered into the Lenovo tablets.

A list of the email addresses most useful to OVs will be posted on the office notice-board.  Look for it!

The Roster & New OVs

New roster coordinator Giovanna Ranoldo introduced herself, thanking everyone for their cooperation in making the roster work.  She emphasised how much U3APP relies on a steady and helpful presence during office hours, and also the fun and satisfaction OVs get in helping as part of a team.  At present there are a couple of spots during the month which have been tricky to fill, so if any OVs can recommend likely new team members from their own classes, please let Giovanna know.  (The new members’ welcome on 22 March may bring up a few names.)

If you are unable to meet your roster commitment, please do your very best to arrange a swap with another team member or tap into the emergency list.  OVs can add Giovanna’s number to their phone contact lists – she can be reached on 0400 853 907.  Importantly, don’t forget to alert her well ahead of time if you will be away on holidays.

New Phone System

A new phone (landline) incorporating an answering machine and extra handset is now on the office desk and we hope will improve the experience of taking inward calls.  However, when you are making outgoing calls, please use the U3APP mobile phone as our plan allows for unlimited local calls.

Other things

If you realise that we are running low on any stationery items, just write your request in the exercise book on the shelving behind the desk.

Name tags are important, so please wear your own and if members come into the office without one don’t hesitate to remind them to do the same.  It is both a courtesy to others at U3APP and a safeguard in case of accident or illness while the person is at MKC.


The meeting closed at 5pm