AGM Nomination for Committee of Management form

Annual General Meeting, 28 November 2020

Nominations for the Committee may only be submitted by a Member as defined in the rules. The Nominee, Nominator and Seconder must be financial or Life Members of U3A Port Phillip at the time of the nomination and at the time of the AGM.

The form below should be completed by the NOMINEE (the person standing for a position on the Committee of Management). By clicking on SUBMIT, you are agreeing to the following statement:

I accept nomination for a one term (year) appointment as a Member of the Committee of Management of U3A Port Phillip Inc, and confirm that I am a current financial member or Honorary Life Member.

The NOMINATOR and SECONDER should each send an email to to confirm their support for the nomination. Please ensure that your email includes the name of the Nominee.

The form must be submitted, and the supporting emails sent, by 1pm 27 November 2020.

Must be a current financial member (or Life Member)
(viewable by members only)
Must be a current financial member (or Life Member)
Must be a current financial member (or Life Member)

If you are nominating for the Committee of Management, please send a recent photograph and short bio to If you stood for CoM in 2020, the photograph and bio submitted for that election will be used unless you send an updated one.