Apologies | Step by Step Instructions

NOTE: The Apologies page remains open in another tab so that you can switch between these instructions and the Apologies page. Read the first step, then return to the Apologies page tab to follow the instructions.

Step 1 - Find the day on which the course is held

  • click on the blue button on the Apologies page for the appropriate day of the week; a new page will open  (this may take a a minute or two, especially on older devices)
  • you will then see a list of all the courses for that day
  • NOTE: you can click on the tab for this page at any time to return to the instructions

Step 2 - Find the course in which you are enrolled

  • look for your course (they are in code order; you may need to to scroll down to find your course)
  • click on your course
  • when the e-roll has completed syncing, click on OK (you may need to scroll down to see the button)

Step 3 - Find the date for which you wish to apologise

  • click on the menu button in the top left (looks like 3 small lines which are above the word "Instructions")
  • click on the date for which you want to apologise

Step 4 - Find your name

  • find your name (they are in first name order)
  • click on your name

Step 5 - Mark yourself as an apology

  • click on the yellow Apology icon (looks like a sticky note)
  • click on the left arrow at the top - the dot beside your name should have changed from red to yellow

If you are going to miss more than 1 class, enter your apology for each class by repeating steps 3, 4 and 5.

Step 6 - Save (sync) your apology(ies)

  • click on the word "sync" at the bottom of the page
  • close the page.

If you are doing more than one course and will be away for a period of time, please apologise for EVERY class you will miss, in ALL courses. After you've done one course, return to this page and repeat all the above steps for each course.

Click on the arrow on the left if you need to see your courses No Events

Please help us by using this system if possible - it saves work for our volunteers, and you can be sure that your apology has been registered.

NOTE that because we use the same course codes each year, if you have been attending the same course in previous years, you may find that the e-roll won't load correctly on your device. This is because your system is "remembering" the link for last year's e-roll and trying to load one that doesn't exist any more. You may be able to fix this by refreshing the screen in your browser, and by clicking on the sync button on the display of courses for the day, but you may have to do it several times. (The problem will not occur for courses in the future, but can't be fixed retrospectively for this year.)

If you have this experience or are having any other difficulty using the NEW function, then please use the OLD way of making an apology by going to Your Courses and Events.