U3A Port Phillip Seniors Festival Art and Photographic Exhibition

Pandemic Animalia Exhibition


To view the  works submitted to the exhibition, click on the picture below.

Each art work has a caption which can be viewed by clicking on  its photo. Depending on your device, you may also need to click on the "i in a circle" or the 3 dots.

Dog portrait by Alex Wyper,
accomplished and much loved local painter of pets


 The purpose of the online exhibition is:

  • To invite U3APP members to share their creative talents with the Port Phillip community.
  • To contribute to the City of Port Phillip’s 2021 Seniors Festival, commencing 1 October 2021

The Exhibition:


The exhibition is a celebration of living creatures (Animalia) that have given us joy or inspiration or love or beauty or fascination during the pandemic.

The subject, or topic or beneficiary of your work could be as simple as yours’ or a friend’s or a family member’s pet, whatever they may be.

Equally it could be a depiction or representation of any of earth’s wild animals or creatures such as the wild birds that you feed or that you have seen or sought out, fish or other aquatic creatures that you nurture or have seen swim by, spiders or other insects that intrigue you, sporting animals such as dogs and horses and racing camels,  creatures that go bump in the night or are caught in the headlights of your car, snakes and lizards and frogs  that you have come across---- any and all and more are eligible subjects for this exhibition


Artwork may include works on paper, canvas, linen, or works from wood or glass or ceramic or metal, but also include photography and digital art, tapestry, weaving, knitting, crocheting, and face painting........

Knitted or other garments with Animalia motifs or based on an animal, such as tortoise shaped hats or indeed hats for tortoises or Dachshunds all are equally eligible.

Eligibility for submission

Only members of U3A Port Phillip can enter by submitting photographs of their works of art. Their submissions must be their own work and referenced to an artist if the work is inspired by them.

The submissions of art should relate to the theme of the exhibition and be related to the period of this COVID pandemic 2020-2021, i.e nothing created before March 2020.


The exhibition will be online and open to the public on our website.


Process of submission - submissions have closed

  • Work is to be submitted by email to artexpo@u3app.org.au . Submit a photo of the artworks and a completed Submission Form.
  • Up to a maximum of 3 works can be submitted at any time from 1 July until 1 October 2021.
  • Criteria for Submission: All works of art that meet the criteria for submission will be displayed on the U3APP website, except where the work of art is considered:
    • to be offensive,
    • to breach copyright provisions
    • to breach privacy conditions
    • made from animal skins or bones.
  • Maximum number of works to be submitted: Members are invited to submit photographs of a maximum of three works of art.
  • Submission details: All work to be submitted must be accompanied by submission details, which includes name of artist, contact details, title, medium and dimensions.

Selection and Display

  • The photo will be loaded onto the U3APP website, along with a caption containing the description on the submission form, within a few days of receipt. If there are any concerns with the photo or the work of art, the submitter will be contacted.
  • The works in the Pandemic Animalia Exhibition will be displayed on the U3APP website and accessible to U3APP members and the public.
  • A work of art will be selected by the editor of the e-bulletin for inclusion in the U3APP e-bulletin.