. New Courses and One-off Events in Term 1, 2022

U3APP has been very active in continuing to add to the course program.  After the course program was released for this term, the following new courses, repeat courses and one-off events have been included so far.  (The newest courses/changes since the last e-bulletin are highlighted in bold text.)


Monday Courses

Tuesday Courses

Wednesday Courses

Thursday Courses

Friday Courses


General Information Sessions

Saturday Seminars, ZOOM

Out and About

Holiday Program 


Changing Time

Changing Day 


For further details about the above courses and one-off events and to book, or if the event is full, to put yourself on the waitlist, click on the course or event name.

You can check back here whenever you want to know about new Courses and One-Off Events.

. Upgrading to latest version of Zoom

Zoom is constantly being enhanced to include new features and additional security.  To take advantage of these enhancements, your copy of Zoom, which is the Zoom app on your device, needs to be upgraded.  Except for the compulsory  upgrades, for example Zoom will automatically upgrade your Zoom app if it is not the latest version at the time you first use it after 30 May 2020, you must initiate the upgrade yourself.

How to upgrade your copy of Zoom varies from device to device.   If you are using Zoom on multiple devices, you will need to do the upgrade on each device.  Click on the arrow beside your type of device below for the instructions.

PC or Mac desktop or laptop

If you have created a Zoom account (i.e. you have a Zoom sign on userid and password):

  • Click on Zoom
  • Sign in
  • Click your profile picture in the top right (the little coloured square at the top right)
  • Click Check for Updates.
  • If there is a newer version available:
    • the message "update available" is displayed
    • click on Update
  • If you already have the latest version:
    • the message "you are up to date" is displayed

If you do not have a Zoom account:

  • Click on Zoom
  • Click on the cogwheel in the top left (looks a bit like )
  • Click on Version
  • If there is a newer version available:
    • the message "update available" is displayed
    • click on Update
  • If you already have the latest version:
    • the message "Zoom is up to date" is displayed
iPad or iPhone
  • click on App Store
  • click on your profile picture in the top right
  • all the available updates are displayed
  • scroll down and if you see Zoom:
    • click on Update
Android Tablet or Phone
  • click on Play Store
  • click on the menu in the top left (it's 3 small horizontal lines)
  • click on My apps & games
  • all the available updates are displayed
  • scroll down and if you see Zoom:
    • click on Update


. How to make a submission to the U3APP Photographic Exhibition

'The Human Experience in the Time of Coronavirus'

U3A Port Phillip launched a photographic exhibition for U3APP Members on the weekend of 30-31 May 2020.

Purpose of the Exhibition

The purpose of the exhibition is three-fold:

  • To continue and expand U3APP’s commitment to engaging its members in ongoing educational and creative activities.
  • To provide an avenue  for illustrating the creative talents of U3APP members
  • To contribute to the historical record of the life and times of the corona virus pandemic.

The exhibition is really to have a look at our time throughout the Coronavirus pandemic through a collection of digital photographs (camera, phone, iPad) capturing and recording the human experience, since shut down on 16 March.

Criteria for Submission of Photographs

As the aim of the exhibition is to capture and record the human experience, to be eligible for submission photographs must include at least one person or the activities of a person.

A caption must be included with the photograph to illuminate thoughts or explain why the photograph represents ‘the human experience in the time of corona virus.

Photographs that do not involve people, such as where the primary subject is an animal/bird or other creature, or the activities of an animal/bird or other creature are not eligible for submission.

It should be noted that as this is an exhibition is not a competition - emotional impact rather than technical composition is more the criterion for submission.

It is intended that one or more photographs will be published in the e-Bulletin on a weekly basis, the selection of photographs will be undertaken by U3APP’s resident photographer Barry McIntosh assisted by Rob Creed and Aziza Khamlichi.

It is possible that the U3A photographs could be displayed as a feature of the City of Port Phillip Seniors Festival.


To submit a photograph, there are five steps:

  1. take a photograph which meets the criteria above
  2. if you are not using your phone camera, load the photograph from your camera onto your computer
  3. upload your photograph from your phone or computer to GooglePhotos
  4. add a caption to the photograph
  5. share your photograph with U3APP

It is up to you to know how to do steps 1 and 2.  Detailed instructions for the remaining steps are included below. NOTE - if you find these steps too complicated, please just email the photo, with an appropriate message which will become the caption, to marykehoe@u3app.org.au.

Once submitted, your photograph will be reviewed by the U3APP photography team led by Barry  McIntosh.  If your photograph meets the criteria, it will be displayed on our U3APP website and selected photographs will be published in the U3APP e-bulletin. There may be a delay of a day or so between your submission and the photo being added to the Exhibition Gallery.

Click on the arrow to read the detailed instructions.

Step 3. Upload your photograph from your phone or computer to GooglePhotos

You can share your photograph with U3APP by emailing it, but in most cases photographs lose quality when emailed and therefore we are suggesting that your share it by putting it " into the cloud".  We have selected GooglePhotos as the cloud storage mechanism.  GooglePhotos provides unlimited storage, at no cost and works on any device.  To use GooglePhotos you will need to have a Google Account, which again is free.

Your Google Account

If you have a Gmail address, you already have a Google account. You can sign in to Google using your Gmail address and password.

Otherwise, you will need to create an account (free):

  1. Go to https://accounts.google.com/signup/v2/webcreateaccount?service=accountsettings&continue=https%3A%2F%2Fmyaccount.google.com%2F&dsh=S-1441803802%3A1586143157826672&gmb=exp&biz=false&flowName=GlifWebSignIn&flowEntry=SignUp.
  2. Your Google account can be created with either a new Gmail address or your current email address:
  • For a new Gmail address, enter your first name, last name, the username you would like to have and the password you want to use. Then click on Next.  If the username is already taken by someone else, a message will be displayed and you will need to select another username.
  • To use your current email address, click on Use my current email address instead. Enter your email address and password (create a new password different from the one you use to access your mail).  Then click on Next.  An email will be sent to that address containing a code which you will be prompted to enter.
  1. Fill in the sign up form. (no need to fill in optional fields)
  2. Review Google's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, click the checkbox, then click Next step.
  3. Click on Next Step
  4. Your account will be created, and the Google welcome page will appear.
Login to GooglePhotos
  1. Go to https://photos.google.com/ in your browser
  2. If you are not currently signed in, Sign in is displayed at the top right of your screen. Click on it and enter the email address and password for your Google account.
  3. If you are already signed in to Google, then instead of Sign In an icon is displayed. Click on the icon to see the currently signed in account.  If you wish to change the account, click on Sign Out and then sign in with another account.
Upload the photograph onto GooglePhotos from your computer
  1. Login to GooglePhotos as above
  2. Click on Upload on the top right of your screen
  3. Click on From Computer
  4. Select the location of the file containing the photograph and click on Open.
  5. Your photo will be loaded onto your GooglePhotos and it will be displayed as a thumbnail on your screen.
Upload the photograph onto GooglePhotos from your phone
  1. Download the Google Photos app from AppStore on your iPhone or Play Store on your Android phone.  You will be prompted to turn on " back up and sync".  NOTE: If you do not wish to have all photos backed up in GooglePhotos do not turn on this option or if you do not want the Google Photos app on your iPhone, do not do the download.  Instead you will need to manually move the photo to your computer and follow the above step.
  2. Once you have downloaded the app, it will automatically save photos and videos you take on your phone to your GooglePhotos library when you have internet access.


Step 4. Add a caption to the photograph using Google Photos
  1. Login to GooglePhotos as above if you are not already logged on.  The library of your photographs is displayed, as thumbnails.
  2. Click on the photograph you are submitting and then click on Info (an i in a circle at the top of the screen)
  3. Type in your words where it says " add a description".  This caption must include your name and your  thoughts or explanation as to why the photograph represents ‘the human experience in the time of corona virus.
  4. Click on  X to the left of the word Info
  5. Click on the left arrow at the left of the screen to return to your library of photographs.
Step 5. Share your photograph with U3APP
  1. Login to GooglePhotos as above if you are not already logged on
  2. Click on the photograph you are submitting and click on Share (2 lines joined by 3 dots at the top of the screen).
  3. In the To box, type in MaryKehoe@u3app.org.au
  4. In the Say Something box, type in your name.
  5. Click on  SEND.  The photograph has now been shared with U3APP and an email sent to the photography team.

. Update from Covid-19 Working Group 18 April 2020

Term 2 started this week with 70% of our courses being offered, either online or via email correspondence.

We started Phase 1 only 4 weeks ago when we made the decision to stop face-to-face classes and we put in place engagement mechanisms which will continue for the duration.

Engagement between us all is critical as we go through these days of isolation.   We will continue to keep in touch, with the office still responding to phone calls and emails and member liaison still staying in touch with any members who are not well.  The e-bulletin is being sent out weekly instead of fortnightly, Spotlight On! has new wings and the COVID-19 page presents continually updated information.  Our Facebook page has ramped up allowing engagement between members and the new Tutors Forum facilitates engagement between tutors.

Phase 2 has now completed, in which a large number of U3APP volunteers worked with our tutors to determine how they could run their Term 2 courses and then communicated to every course member what was happening with their course.  We started this phase with a long schedule of tasks that had to be completed before Term 2 started and we did them all.  Thank you to everyone for your focus on getting the job done and for your encouragement to each other.

Phase 3 has now started with the ongoing day to day enjoyment of Term 2 courses.  There will undoubtedly be some teething problems as we adapt to the totally new way of delivering and attending our courses, but these are being addressed promptly.  And if you have some new ideas to investigate, we'd be delighted to hear from you - just email us at wg@u3app.org.au.

With best regards from the Working Group, Pam and Jim and Diane