. How to stop U3APP emails going into the Spam folder in gmail mailboxes

Recently, we have discovered that a large number of our U3APP emails are ending up in people's spam folders and hence are going unread. This is particularly the case for anyone with a gmail email address.
If you have a gmail address, please check your spam folder for our emails. Please also tell all your U3APP friends about this problem as this e-Bulletin might also go into their spam folders. Click here for instructions on how to tell gmail to not send U3APP emails into the spam folder.

New Policy on Extended Planned Leave

A new policy has been approved by the U3APP Committee of Management after consultation with tutors, course coordinators, office managers and the IT team. Its aim is to allow maximum access to courses which are most in demand.

In brief, when a member gives notice of extended leave for five or more consecutive weeks from weekly courses – or three or more from fortnightly courses or two or more from monthly courses– that vacated place will be offered to the first person on the waitlist, and the person who is going away will in turn be moved to the top of the waitlist for that course.  These modifications will only affect courses which have a waitlist and the tutor will be consulted to make sure that the move is appropriate.

You will be interested to know that our enrolment team has been able to move more than 150 people off waitlists and into courses in the first semester of this year, so we anticipate that a member will be able to return to class soon after their extended leave.

This policy comes into effect immediately.   Click here to read a fuller version.


Report on Monday Talk – Stroke – Think FAST

On Monday 9th May 2016, Kevin English, the current U3APP Treasurer and an Ambassador for the Stroke Foundation gave a very informative talk on Stroke. Kevin detailed the risk factors for Stroke, the ways to reduce one’s risk of Stroke and what to do if someone you know suffers a stroke. He also detailed his own stroke story and the good recovery that he made after suffering a Haemorrhagic stroke (cerebral aneurysm) in 2010. Click here for the full report of the event.

For the Stroke Foundation EnableMe website (enableme.org.au) click here.


Report on New Members Event at U3APP

The New Members event to welcome all 2016 new members to U3APP was held on Friday 6th May at Mary Kehoe Community Centre. It was well attended with over 40 new members and some of the U3APP committee members and volunteers. Renate Matisske welcomed the new members and encouraged them to get involved in our U3APP including volunteering in areas where they have skills. The event was much enjoyed by all. Click here for further details and photos.

Report on Monday Talk – Elsa Davis

On Monday the 21st March 2016, Simon Smith presented a talk on "Elsa Davis – Eccentric or Vexatious Litigant?". The talk was very well received by all those present and a report on the talk can be obtained by clicking here.

Dr. Simon Smith
Dr. Simon Smith


‘Super’ Saturday

Super Saturday

The ‘Super’ Saturday Seminar on Saturday afternoon 10th October was very well attended.  Marcus Gridley and Geoff Mutton assisted by Luke Purcell gave us some insights into different ways that superannuation can be structured to best suit the individual. Click here for details: Super Saturday.