Welcome to the new OV Info page

Thanks to Marg Byron's excellent suggestion, we now have a new page just for Office Volunteer Information. This is where we can keep you up-to-date with any changes to processes or events you might need to know about.

So watch this space!

Oh, and don't forget we're going to have an FAQ page. And we can't have FAQs if no one ever asks a question...

Staying Safe on the Internet

Noble Works greeting card

For those who attended the recent course on Staying Safe on the Internet, and for those who missed it, you can download the slides from the talk. They contain many useful links to other websites.

One of the issues covered in the course was the problem of choosing and remembering passwords. I rather liked this solution (see picture right).

Another issue covered was avoiding scams. We have received a communication from Consumer Affairs Victoria urging U3APP to alert all our members to the dangers of scams.

For more information from CAV, here are the links:

Lost your name tag?

Now you can reprint your own name tag. Click here to download the template (Word document), save it on your computer, then follow the instructions on the template to create and print your name tag.

For a small fee, you can get a replacement U3APP name tag holder to put it in from the Office.

U3A Stonnington – Knowledge Hub

U3A Stonnington has created a Knowledge Hub for their members, and for other U3A's to share.

We welcome their initiative and thank them for sharing. Here is their description.

The Knowledge Hub has been developed by U3A Stonnington to provide a facility for members, and anyone else using the U3A Stonnington website, to access a number of leading public affairs, policy and knowledge sites in Australia and overseas.

The reason behind development was to provide ready access to knowledge resources for U3A members to use easily. The Knowledge Hub provides members with the capacity to

  • access a site to obtain the detail of research or comments on which news reports are based
  • access a site to further research a particular topic in which they are interested or
  • develop confidence in seeking and accessing research and comment on current issues

to further develop their knowledge and understanding.

However, another reason The Knowledge Hub was developed was to help members who, because of health or other reasons, could not attend classes but wanted to be actively involved intellectually in understanding what is happening in the world.


U3APP currently receives 20 parking permits each year. We are in negotiation with the Council to either change the parking restrictions in the area or to issue us with more permits, but there is no guarantee we will succeed in changing anything. With our membership growing, this means permits will always be in short supply.

We are therefore requesting that our more able-bodied members consider those less mobile by parking in one of the nearby unrestricted parking areas, so that permits will be available for those who need them most. There is unrestricted parking a block away in Boyd Street, and a little further away in Wright Street and Richardson Street.

Please help if you can - if you don't use a parking permit you will benefit from both the extra exercise and the good karma!