Events - 18 May 22

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Wed 18 May
3B01 Book Group 1, Judith Armstrong
Wed 18 May
3L07 German Conversation and Culture – Intermediate (L), Gudrun Schell
Mary Kehoe Centre, Room 1, Albert Park Vic
Wed 18 May
3T04 Apple Friendship Group (ZOOM), Dennis Mouy
Wed 18 May
3P04 Reason, Religion and the Meaning of Life, Douglas Adeney
Mary Kehoe Centre, Room 2, Albert Park Vic
Wed 18 May
3G10 Cryptic Crosswords for Fun (Wed), Colin Fryer
Wed 18 May
3G05 Chess Club, Sunny Acreman
Mary Kehoe Centre, Room 1, Albert Park Vic
Wed 18 May
3K02 The Human Body - How We Fail and How We Heal, Gillian Wood
Wed 18 May
3M04 All That Jazz, Helen Vorrath
Mary Kehoe Centre, Hall, Albert Park Vic
Wed 18 May
3E24 Yoga for Strength and Flexibility - intermediate to advanced (E)**, Julie Smith
Wed 18 May
3E15 Yin Yoga for Flexibility and Relaxation - Beginners/Intermediate** (E), Julie Smith

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