Gaye Mason

I have been a member of U3APP since at least 2017 and have very much enjoyed learning from the wonderful volunteers who give their time so generously.  Being mostly retired now gives me the opportunity to contribute to the management committee as my way of saying thank you and giving back in a meaningful way.

Albert Park has been home for the last 25 years, but I have lived in the city of Port Phillip for 40 years. I am a member of two local tennis clubs and have been on both management committees, play Bridge with my husband Bob Snell, am in my 5th year of Beginner’s French at U3A, belong to two book clubs, and am a regular attendee at the theatre and classical music concerts.

My professional background is in finance and governance, with qualifications in Accounting, IT, Corporate Governance, and being a graduate of the AICD Director’s course. Being an FCPA, FAICD, FGIA, FCG, and with an MBA helps explain my commitment to life-long learning and my interest in U3A’s course offerings.  Since retiring from my executive career I have been a director on a number of Victorian Government boards, Agencies and Audit & Risk committees.

Margo Anderson

Margo has been part of U3A PP for 8 years and enjoyed a variety of courses through that time. She is currently enjoying playing with the Beaut Ukes and is looking forward to seeing what extra possibilities will be found in the 2023 course guide.

Work history includes Children, Families and Community Aged Care/social work.

Travel history includes Europe, Britain, Tibet, Antartica, country Victoria and New Zealand.

Personal history includes “millions of people” and Vera the cat-ask me for photos.

In the past Margo’s U3A involvement includes working collaboratively in the office at a time of change (computers), being the representative on CoPP Older Persons Consultive committee, developing a brochure and other bits and pieces as requested.

Margo is interested in people, being organised, participating, seeing things achieved and is looking forward to an opportunity to contribute in the next few years.

Hannah Len

Strangely, it’s taken joining U3APP and seeing how much pleasure I derive from my classes, to make me aware of my passion for ongoing learning.  This probably explains my various tertiary courses over the years. As an undergraduate, I completed a Bachelor of Science at Melbourne University.  Some years later, I completed a Graduate Diploma of Computing at Monash University.  A few years later again, I completed a Graduate Diploma of Education at Deakin University. Then in 2017 at the age of 61, I complete a Masters of Human Service (Counselling) at Swinburne University. So I now have four very diverse tertiary qualifications from four different universities.

I have spent most of my working life in Information Technology. I started as an Analyst Programmer (writing software) but eventually moved on to become a Business Analyst (designing software) and Project Manager. I also spent three years working as a TAFE teacher of Business Computing.

In 2019, I helped my sister form the activist group Grandmothers for Climate Action. I continue to administer  the Facebook Group which currently has 215 members. In 2021, I ran a class on Climate Action for U3APP – a project initiated through GfCA. The class members agreed they wished to continue meeting and this group now continues as Climate Champions. We have begun writing articles for the U3APP e-bulletin, with more projects to come.

Although I have worked mostly in I.T., my real passion is in mental health, especially in the Aged Care community.  Until Covid-19 hit in 2020, I spent a number of years volunteering at an Aged Care Facility, with the aim of improving the mental health of some of the residents.  I still regularly attend webinars offered by Swinburne University’s “Wellbeing Clinic for Older Adults”.

On a personal level, I live with my partner in Elwood and have two daughters, one of whom lives in Los Angeles. As of September 2021, I am also a grandmother to an American / Australian boy, whom I am yet to meet in person.  I love to travel and feel very lucky to have managed to get in a long wished for second trip to India in February 2020 just before travel out of Australia was shut down.  I believe that maintaining physical as well as mental fitness is important, especially as I age. Although definitely no athlete, I have belonged to one gym or another for about 30 years.

William Logan

I have been an active member of U3A Port Phillip for three years taking classes across a range of topics and volunteering briefly in the Marie Kehoe Centre Office. I have seen first-hand how very important U3A is to older members of the local community, intellectually, socially and physically. I was honoured to be appointed to the Committee of Management in June 2022 where I hope to make a contribution to growing U3A Port Phillip.

By way of personal background, my wife Denise (also an active U3A member) and I have lived in St Kilda since 1987. We have raised two daughters, and have close relationships with three now-adult grandsons and a granddaughter. My leisure interests are sketching and painting, theatre, music and travel. I used to love skiing but no longer have the muscle power!

In terms of professional career, I taught and conducted research at the University of Melbourne (1965-7, 1971-4), Victoria University (1974-87) and Deakin University (1987-2011). I have been Professor Emeritus since ‘retiring’ in 2011. My research publications focus on cultural heritage, particularly in relation to human rights, sustainable development, peace and security, World Heritage and Asian heritage (especially Vietnam). This research led to being awarded an AM in 2020.

Outside of academia I was a member of the Victorian Heritage Council for six years and president of Australia ICOMOS for three. I have undertaken UNESCO and ICOMOS missions to Bangladesh, China, Laos, Pakistan and Vietnam and I was part of the small team that drafted UNESCO's World Heritage and Sustainable Development policy (adopted November 2015). An interesting career, visiting some of the most fascinating places in the world.

John Hawker

My corporate career of 36 years essentially in Sales for two French, one American and one ASX-listed Top 100 Australian company. The roles included Sales Director and Managing Director. In my last career role, I was accountable for sales of $3.3 billion, a budget of $750 million pa; and managed 15,000 team members and 850 managers through my 8 direct reports. I have served on four boards, in two paid Non Executive Director roles and two pro bono boards in a Chair and Director capacity.

In 2022 I finalised the sale of my consulting company after 9 years post corporate. I decided during Covid that I would change direction and move into more charitable and philanthropic endeavours. I joined the U3APP Committee of Management in 2022.

I have been a volunteer with the Alfred Hospital for nine years; as a Concierge at the Main Reception area. Also during this time, I have served Alfred Health with the maximum of two three-year terms on their Community Advisory Committee. I am currently a member of the health services Nutrition, Specialist Governance and Patients Come First committees. On the latter committee, I have seen involved in the past three Strategic Plans; which are submitted and approved by the board and Victorian Government Health Department.

I would hope to bring my experience both in a business and consumer advisory capacity. I have a strong work ethic, and am committed to volunteering as a means to “give back” and also to continue my personal growth and mental acuity. I believe that I can add value. I am a team player, operate in a businesslike, respectful and courteous manner.

Allan Aberdeen

U3A is a wonderful institution, of which I’ve been a member for many years and hopefully will be for many more. In the past at U3A Port Phillip, I have attended various subjects and tutored travel planning courses, but I look forward to contributing further through the management committee, which I have been a member of since 2022. Since retiring as an electrical engineer I served ten years on the council of the Genealogical Society of Victoria, much of that as secretary. Thus I am aware of the issues and regulations affecting not-for-profit organizations that depend heavily on volunteers; also fairly familiar with technology matters. Outside of keeping mentally active through U3A, my interests are family, travel, bridge, running our superannuation fund and owners corporation matters in our building. If I am re-elected to the committee, be assured that I will be committed to making our revered centre for seniors learning and socialising even more appealing.

Gillian Wood

I am a retired doctor and have three children and 5 grandchildren. I have lived in Port Melbourne for 6 years. I was a dual trained infectious disease physician and medical microbiologist. I have worked for over 30 years in these fields.  As an infectious disease physician, I treated patients in the public hospitals. As a medical microbiologist I worked in pathology laboratories in both private and public including as medical microbiology director at Dorevitch Pathology.

I do yoga and have a passion for bridge. I also wish to be of service to my community and be involved in it. I am on the Fisherman’s Bend Community Hospital Community Consultative Committee. I volunteer with the Sacred Heart Mission’s meals program. I am on the Clinical Governance Committee for CaSPA Care which provides residential aged care. I gave lectures to the U3A Port Phillip members in 2021 on the human body and intend to give this course of lectures again in 2022. I have attended several U3APP course over the four or so years I have been a member.

Rosalind Christie

I first heard of U3A through an English work colleague in 1995. He sang its praises and filled me in about its value when retired, so in 2019 when I did retire I joined U3A Port Phillip. I have been on the Office Management Team for a couple of years and have been enjoying some of the many courses offered by U3APP.

When I came to Australia in 1968 I initially worked in a country accountant’s office which was instrumental to my future knowledge of accounting and my administration career. I worked as Executive Assistant /Executive Administrator with accountants, construction managers and laterally, the education sector for a national Association of school principals. Looking for a sea-change, I established a Conference and Event Management business specialising in the education sector. After a very successful 13 years in business, I sold it in 2018 to a young vibrant, articulate girl. I also became a qualified Pilates instructor and still teach in our studio with my daughter.

Dance and music has always been a large part of my life and although I do not teach dance any more I have started singing again and joined the Melbourne Soul and Gospel choir and of course the U3A choir both of which bring great joy and inspiration to life generally.

Branko Colavizza

I have spent my working life in the Victorian energy industry in various careers ranging from Survey Drafting, Engineering Surveying, Civil Engineering and finally Quality Assurance. In these careers I have hammered many pegs into the ground, traversed many paddocks and streets selecting and designing asset route’s, spent months on construction sites and finally in the Quality Assurance role managed the development and implementation of companywide HSEQ management systems with certifications to national and international standards. During this time, I also spent a lot of time working with IT professionals implementing systems to support the management systems.

After all that I decided to retire earlier because there was one thing I wanted to do and that was to grow with my grandson, I wanted to be part of his life. He is now 6 and has a sister who is 2, and I’m still growing.

As retirement started, and with time on ones hands I decided to give something back, joined U3APP in 2017, volunteered for office duties and later with the ITEM Team. Somewhere in there also helped and still helping renovate my grandchildren’s house.

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