. Vale Betty Walton

With thanks to Jill Hearman for her thoughtful words and Barry McIntosh for the photos of Betty's Life Membership presentation in June 2016


We sadly announce that Betty Walton, Life Member & long term Tutor at U3A has died peacefully in Sydney after a heart attack on June 16th.

Betty joined our U3A in the early days in 2004, and taught Italian from 2006 to 2012 and Play Reading from 2004  to 2015

Born in Scotland in 1927, Betty travelled widely with her husband Tom who died last year. They established an English Language school near Milan in Italy after Tom retired.

Betty had a vibrant, enthusiastic personality and was always very positive which made her a pleasure to be with. She loved tennis, walking, acting and languages, but never cooking!

Betty joined our German class in 2014 and loved it! She often responded in Italian (her first language) which amused the whole class.

She ran a play reading group at the Lyceum Club and also at Emerald Hill Residences where she lived before moving to Sydney to be near her family.

On Friday 22 June, a wake will be held for Betty at the Lyceum Club at 12:30pm

A Celebration of her Life will be held at Christ Church, South Yarra

on Wednesday 4 July at midday. 

Betty’s ashes will be interred in the grounds of Christ Church after the service.

Betty will be sadly missed by all who knew her.


. Volunteer Survey Participants Wanted – Uni of New England

We are completing our Graduate Diploma in Psychology (Advanced) at the University of New England, and we are looking for participants over the age of 18 to participate in our project.

This study explores different patterns of eating and exercising behaviours of Australian adults. The study also explores the links between different behaviours and wellbeing.

Whether you never exercise, exercise a little or a lot, if you are interested in volunteering (please access the link below to complete an online survey. All responses remain anonymous and confidential.

The survey takes approx. 30 mins to complete (and you can save your responses and finish it later!)

Thank you!

Click on the following link to be taken to the survey - University of New England Survey

This research has been approved by the Human Research Ethics Committee of the University of New England (Approval No. HE18-072 from 16 April 2018 to 16 April 2019)

If you have any queries, please contact Dr Suzie Cosh: [email protected], ph:02 6773 2073

. HCA Home Healthcare Australia

A representative from Healthcare Australia left a brochure about its new home care division in the U3APP Office.  Below is an extract from the brochure, but you can also pop into the Office and ask to see the entire brochure.

Healthcare Australia is excited to announce the launch of its new home care division, HCA Home.  Healthcare Australia have been leaders in healthcare for the past 45 years specializing in providing qualified nurses and support workers throughout Australia.

We provide in-Home Support services using Commonwealth aged care funding or self-funded services throughout Australia.

HCA Home is dedicated to assisting ageing people to remain living in their own home. We can assist with those everyday tasks that sometimes can be difficult for the elderly living at home.  These services include nursing, personal care and hygiene, overnight assistance, medication support, in-home respite, meal-time assistance and pet care.

HCA Home is happy to offer free information sessions on aged care services or speak individually to anyone who might need some more assistance.

How can we help?

At HCA Home, we understand aged care can be confusing and just finding a place to start can seem overwhelming.  You’re not alone, we’re here to guide and support you through every step.

Our Services

We’ll do our best to cater your needs whilst making the most out of your funding arrangements.  We offer a wide range of Services including

  • Personal care & hygiene
  • Overnight assistance
  • Social activities
  • Medication support
  • Nursing & specialist care
  • In-home respite care
  • Mealtime assistance
  • Pet assistance

Get in touch

For further information on commonwealth funded Home Care packages

  • Phone - 1800 200-422
  • Website - myagedcare.gov.au

. Volunteers needed for a study in apathy

Monash University, Medicine, Nursing and Heatlh Sciences department are looking for healthy volunteers over the age of 40 with no family history of Huntingon's disease to participate in a study on apathy. If you are interested in participating click here for further details.

They are currently conducting research in the area of Apathy & Huntington's disease.

Their research study looks at apathy in Huntington's disease. Apathy (a loss of motivation to engage in activities) is a pervasive symptom in many neurodegenerative diseases and significantly impacts people's quality of life. They want to better understand how apathy affects people who have Huntington's disease, a fatal degenerative disease, in the hopes of finding better ways to manage this symptom.



Your Voice – Trust Your Choice

Your Voice – Trust your choice

 Tips for seniors making enduring powers of attorney

This is a booklet which has been made available by the office of the Commissioner for Senior Victorians.   More information about the booklet and how/where to obtain copies can be found in the Commissioner’s email, reprinted here:-

" On 22 June 2017, I was pleased to launch a new publication Your voice – Trust your choice - Tips for seniors making enduring powers of attorney.  In my capacity as the Ambassador for the Prevention of Elder Abuse, listening to the stories of some senior Victorians, I saw a need for additional information to assist people to understand the significance of enduring powers of attorney and the potential  for misuse.

Your voice – Trust your choice is a practical guide to help older Victorians to safely appoint a Power of Attorney.  An enduring power of attorney is where you give someone you trust the legal authority to make decisions on your behalf.  The majority of enduring powers of attorney work well. Unfortunately, in some cases, family members, carers or friends abuse their authority  as power of attorney and take advantage of that authority. This is one of the most devastating forms of elder abuse.

The booklet includes helpful tips, case studies, and sample wording to encourage older people to safely decide upon an enduring power of attorney. It is a companion booklet to Office of the Public  Advocate’s Taking Control: a guide for making enduring powers of attorney. In particular, this guide will assist older people to minimise the risk of abuse when appointing an enduring power of attorney, so that:

·        it captures their wishes about decisions that are made on their behalf
·        ensures that the right people are involved in decisions that are made on their behalf.

The booklet has been a joint project with the Office of the Public Advocate (OPA) and funded by the Department of Health and Human Services.  It  is available on the OPA  website  http://www.publicadvocate.vic.gov.au/power-of-attorney.   A single hard copy can be obtained by contacting OPA on 1300 309 337. Multiple copies are available from Victoria Legal Aid, via their website https://www.legalaid.vic.gov.au/find-legal-answers/free-publications-and-resources  or phone 1300 792 387.

I encourage you to read this booklet and spread the information through your networks.

Yours sincerely
Gerard Mansour

Commissioner for Senior Victorians"

U3A Stonnington – Knowledge Hub

U3A Stonnington has created a Knowledge Hub for their members, and for other U3A's to share.

We welcome their initiative and thank them for sharing. Here is their description.

The Knowledge Hub has been developed by U3A Stonnington to provide a facility for members, and anyone else using the U3A Stonnington website, to access a number of leading public affairs, policy and knowledge sites in Australia and overseas.

The reason behind development was to provide ready access to knowledge resources for U3A members to use easily. The Knowledge Hub provides members with the capacity to

  • access a site to obtain the detail of research or comments on which news reports are based
  • access a site to further research a particular topic in which they are interested or
  • develop confidence in seeking and accessing research and comment on current issues

to further develop their knowledge and understanding.

However, another reason The Knowledge Hub was developed was to help members who, because of health or other reasons, could not attend classes but wanted to be actively involved intellectually in understanding what is happening in the world.

U3A Online – A Virtual University of the Third Age

U3A Online – A Virtual University of the Third Age

U3A Online is an individual, independent and autonomous U3A. If you are interested in studying online, receiving helpful advice and other resources click here for further details. This is a separate body from Port Phillip U3A.

U3A online publishes a free monthly email newsletter called 'GEMS'. Click on GEMS tab at the top of the U3A Online home page to select and view their latest newsletter.