. Introduction to Social Ballroom Dancing

A new course from U3APP, run at the South Melbourne Community Centre, from 3.30 till 5.00 on Friday afternoons.

This is straightforward course aimed at giving everyone the confidence to enjoy dancing together in a social setting.

In the cartoon film Toy Story, the character of Buzz Lightyear, in the style of a “Superman Hero” is disappointed to discover that despite the rumours, he is actually not able to fly. However, at the end of the film, you see him with his cape extended, passing through the sky.

“Are you flying? They all shout. He replies, “No, I am falling, with Style!”

Ballroom dancing is just like walking, with music; simply putting one foot in front of the other, and in this class, no one will be falling. We will all be walking, with music, and “With Style!”

After this course you may not aspire to being Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers, or even Scott Hastings (Strictly Ballroom), but you should be able to give Patrick Swayze a run for his money.

This class will give you the style and presence to be able to step away from the bar, from the talk of cricket, golf, or footy, walk across the room, and utter those classic magic words, “Would you like to dance?” and the ability to throw away those two left feet, smile, and say “Yes, I would.”

The class will include the basic steps of the most popular social dances, including the waltz, quickstep, cha cha cha, jive, and a few more, with popular traditional social dances like the Barn Dance thrown in. Once the basics have been comfortably mastered, we will add one or two extra little steps to add a touch of flair, and to maybe create a subtle illusion, designed to impress.

David Sharples - Tutor

Click the link below to go to the booking page - please ensure you're logged in before you attempt to book

5D01 Introduction to Ballroom Dancing

. 2021 Christmas Celebration & Awards Presentation

2021 U3APP Christmas Celebration – It exceeded all expectations

The Port Melbourne Town Hall provided a perfect space for U3APP members to reconnect. A bumper crowd of one hundred and twenty members participated in the Celebration.

The 2021 President, Graham Gosling welcomed attendees. He reflected on the achievements and challenges for U3APP in 2021. He presented the Life Membership Award to Barb Fisher and Meritorious Service Awards to Dennis Muoy, Heather Wheat, and Lindsay Doig and to members of the COVID Working Group: Jim Pribble, Diane Boyle, and Pam Caven. Graham also announced the eight elected members of the 2022 committee of management.

The Celebration was a joyous occasion. Attendees enjoyed delicious refreshments organised by the U3APP Catering Manager, Sandra Mason  and her team of Di Gameson and Ros Christie. Rob Gullan, Dave Robson, and David Blair ensured no one went thirsty. Alex Mifsud’s team Sheila Quairney, Libby Smith and Jim Pribble ensured a COVID safe environment.

The photos tell the story thanks to Barry Macintosh and Aziza Khamlichi.

We will give Barry Macintosh the last word “The afternoon had a happy feel and everyone had a chance to reconnect. The 'buzz' was very positive”.

Best wishes - Pam Caven



. Burnley Gardens Out & About

Thanks to the generosity and organisation of Leesa Abbinga, 15 members met on Tuesday 15 November for a tour of Burnley Gardens.  Despite a little early drizzle, our first Out & About excursion for almost two years was a great success.  Leesa was assisted by three other volunteers from the Friends of Burnley Gardens who explained the history of the gardens and some of the changes that have taken place since it was established by the Horticultural Society of Victoria in 1861.

Founded on the traditional lands of the Wurundjeri people many of the oldest trees in the garden pre-date European colonisation. These and a number of later plantings are heritage listed and, like the enormous Queensland Kauri, are truly a sight to behold.

The gardens are now managed by the University of Melbourne and are still used for their original purpose – the research, and teaching of environmental and ornamental horticulture.  Leesa and the other guides were students here but did not have to wear the ‘boater’ hats which appear to have been the latest in men’s fashion in a class photo from the late 1890s when women were first admitted to the college.

The Orchard Gates shown here with some of our U3A members and guide, Kirsten Binns Smith, were donated by the Friends of Burnley Garden in 2013 to mark the 150th anniversary of the official opening of the gardens. The Friends welcome new members and will be selling plants they have propagated during the Gardens’ Open Day on 4 December.