. Changes to COVID Restrictions


The Victorian DHHS and the City of Port Phillip have changed the COVID restrictions, effective as of 11.59pm Friday 22 April 2022. The following requirements will no longer apply for Community Centres: 

  • All staff, vendors and attendees are fully vaccinated.
  • Electronic QR Code Check-in is completed on arrival.
  • Covid Marshal is appointed.

For U3A Port Phillip, this means that:

  • Members entering a U3APP venue are no longer required to do the QR check-in or have their check-in and vaccination status checked before entering the venue.
  • There is no requirement for a check-in marshal at the entrance to the venues.
  • At the Mary Kehoe Centre, the front door no longer needs to be locked.
  • At the other Community Centres, entry remains through the locked doors.

The requirement for members to be vaccinated in order to attend face to face classes or events is under consideration by the U3APP Community of Management, and remains in effect until further advice.

To maximise the safety of our members, ventilation and contact tracing remain important.  

  • Everyone is asked to increase the ventilation of the rooms by opening the doors and windows during classes. The windows in Room 3 at Mary Kehoe are scheduled to be replaced on 6th June, such that they can be opened.
  • Any member who is diagnosed with COVID is asked to advise the Health & Safety Office by email on hso@u3app.org.au, to enable contact tracing of inadvertent exposures to COVID in the U3APP venues.

Keep Safe.

Gillian Wood
Health & Safety Officer, U3APP
0409 068 653