Conditions of Entry

Summary of Conditions of Entry

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Entrants to U3APP premises must:

  1. Use hand sanitizer on entry to the premises and regularly during your stay
  2. Bring your own materials, such as exercise equipment, cushions, cup or glass, sanitizers, wipes. Take them home again and do not share them. Note that no coffee or tea will be provided.
  3. Maintain social distancing of at least 1.5 metres apart. Do not exceed the maximum number as signed for each room, including the office and the hallways and lobbies. Do not use the kitchen. Office Volunteers only in the office.
  4. Continue to wear a mask for the time you are on the U3APP premises
  5. Not loiter in the hallways, lobbies, etc in any of the premises. Walk straight through to your classroom, arriving only 5 minutes before your class starts and leaving the building within 5 minutes of the class finishing. Enter the room using the closest entrance (e.g. some rooms at South Melbourne Community Centre have their own entrance)
  6. Wipe down touchpoints such as door handles, light switches, chairs, tables, remote controls, parking permits and dispose of the wipes in the bins provided. Be particularly mindful of handles and fittings for entry to and within the toilets. See below for who is responsible.
  7. Ensure your visit to the premises is as brief as possible and is recorded
    • If you are attending a class, ensure your tutor records your attendance.
    • If you are not attending a class, including Office Volunteers, sign the visitors’ book located on the front porch, with name, address, phone number and your entry and exit date and times.

Parking Permits

To obtain a parking permit from the Mary Kehoe office, sign the register located on the front porch and pick up/return the permit on the table just inside the front door. Wipe permit prior to returning.

Responsibilities for Wiping Down Touchpoints

In the classroom

Tutor. If the tutor is not in attendance, the tutor is to nominate a class member to take responsibility.

In the office

Office volunteers

Everywhere else, such as in the toilet, parking permits



Version: 1 September 2020