Control Participants required – Royal Melbourne Hospital / Melbourne University

Below is an email seeking control participants for a PhD study into measuring bone density.  If you are interested, please read through and use the details at the end of the email to make contact with Hongyuan Jiang.

My name is Hongyuan Jiang. I am a PhD student with the University of Melbourne, under the supervision of Prof John Wark, Professor of Medicine, Department of Medicine Royal Melbourne Hospital, Head of Bone and Mineral Medicine and consultant endocrinology at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. I am writing this email to seek any possibility to recruit participants from the University of the Third Age Melbourne for my PhD project, part of which involves recruitment of older healthy controls for patients with low-trauma fracture and osteoporosis. 

My PhD project, in large part, aims to explore the role of pQCT, which is a dedicated CT scanner for the determination of bone density at the forearm and the tibia, in healthy people and patients with low bone mass. A novel engineering method will be performed using the pQCT data of participants to further analyse bone health in these people. For healthy control participants, all they need to do is to come to the Royal Melbourne Hospital to have two bone tests: one is DXA, which is the regular test for patients with osteoporosis; the other one pQCT. The whole visit will take 30-60 minutes. 

Prof Wark discussed the previous success in recruiting participants from U3A for several other projects and we both believe it would help with recruitment of my project a lot. It would be great if we can talk and discuss any possibility if that suits you. We appreciate if we can get your response and probably your help on this project.

Kind regards,

Hongyuan Jiang

Confirmed PhD candidate | The University of Melbourne

Department of Medicine | Royal Melbourne Hospital

T: +61 (0)3 8344 2712  M: +61 (0)451 879 361
E: [email protected]