Exercise course declaration

Please complete and send this form if you are enrolled in an exercise course (with E as the second character of the course code on the Courses and Enrolling page). Forms are not required for any other courses.

IMPORTANT! We need your help to make this new system run smoothly

Please DO

  • fill in and submit the form for each course separately if you are enrolled in more than one course requiring a declaration.
  • make sure you use the right course code and key it correctly. Course codes start with a number (for the day of week) and have two digits at the end, so for example the code for "Body, Breath and Mind" is 1E01, not 1EO1, or IE01.

Please DON'T

  • fill in a form if you are only Waitlisted for a course - wait until you get a place
  • put in the course name as well as or instead of the course code
  • put an O instead of a zero in the third character of the code
Please enter the four character course code of the course you have enrolled in eg 1E01, 4E09, etc. NOTE that codes all start with a number not a letter, and the last two characters are both numeric - it is 01, not O1!