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recording - Saturday Seminar  23 April  2022   French Impressionism Part 2
recording - Saturday Seminar 19 March 2022 What does it take to be the Australian school of the year?
recording - Saturday Seminar 19 February 2022 Slow travel: walking our timeless land
recording - Saturday Seminar 20 November 2021 French Impressionism, featuring paintings from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
recording - Saturday Seminar 9 October 2021 How Technology & Science are informing Victoria's COVID Response
recording - Saturday Seminar 18 September 2021 A Remarkable Woman: Zoe Caldwell
recording - Saturday Seminar 21 August 2021 Art Deco Furniture and Jewellery
recording  - Saturday Seminar 17 July 2021  Beyond the hero-leader: effective leadership in troubled times
recording -Saturday Seminar 19 June 2021 Angela Merkel - The woman who remade German Politics
recording -Saturday Seminar 15 May 2021 Australian Indigenous Art - from ancient times to a global contemporary art movement
recording -Saturday Seminar 24 April 2021 What is to be done: Political engagement and saving the planet
recording -Saturday Seminar 20 March 2021 A Life in Crime
recording -Saturday Seminar 20 February 2021 New Tricks or Old Tricks made new for a healthy old age
recording - Saturday Seminar 21 November 2020 Why did Americans vote this way?
recording - 2020 Port Phillip Seniors Festival  Saturday Seminar 10 October 2020 - The Palace Letters and the Dismissal of the Whitlam Government - Why are they important today?
recording - Saturday Seminar 12 September 2020 Art Deco around the World
recording - Saturday Seminar 15 August 2020 Fishermans Bend in a Post COVID World

If you want to see what Yoga is all about, Julie Smith has recorded three of her yoga classes. You can view these recordings when it suits you to keep fit, or just try out a yoga class if you've never done one.

1E02 Gentle Yoga**
1E03 Hatha Yoga**
1E12 Yin Yoga**