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The U3APP public events are open to both U3APP members and non-members.


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Saturday Seminar – Prospects for the Albanese prime ministership in a changing political landscape, 2:30-3:30, on Sat 20 Aug 2022, ZOOM, 107 available of 200 places

Saturday Seminar – Are we there yet: Has the change of Government ended the climate wars?, 2:30-3:30, on Sat 17 Sep 2022, ZOOM, 174 available of 200 places

2022 Seniors Festival seminar – The Uluru Statement and a voice to Parliament, 2:30-3:30, on Sat 8 Oct 2022, ZOOM, 159 available of 200 places


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Winter Special Seminar 6 August 2022 - The Picasso Century recording

Saturday Seminar 16 July 2022 - Metaverse: the next internet recording

Saturday Seminar 18 June 2022 - China Problems and Prospects  recording

Saturday Seminar 28 May 2022 - The Story of a House: the Mary Kehoe Centre recording

Saturday Seminar 23 April 2022 - French Impressionism Part 2  recording

Saturday Seminar 19 March 2022 - What does it take to be the Australian school of the year? recording

Saturday Seminar 19 February 2022 - Slow travel: walking our timeless land recording

Saturday Seminar 20 November 2021 - French Impressionism, featuring paintings from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston recording

Saturday Seminar 9 October 2021 - How technology and science are informing Victoria's COVID response
recording slides presented by Gerard Mansour, Commissioner for Senior Victorians

Saturday Seminar 18 September 2021 - A Remarkable Woman: Zoe Caldwell recording

Saturday Seminar 21 August 2021 - Art Deco Furniture and Jewellery recording

Saturday Seminar 17 July 2021 - Beyond the Hero Leader recording

Saturday Seminar 19 June 2021 - Angela Merkel - The woman who remade German Politics recording

Saturday Seminar 15 May 2021 - Australian Indigenous Art - from ancient times to a global contemporary art movement recording

Saturday Seminar 24 April 2021 - What is to be done: Political engagement and saving the planet recording

Saturday Seminar 20 March 2021 - A life in Crime

Saturday Seminar 20 February 2021 - New Tricks or Old Tricks made new for a healthy old age. Developing ways to go well into the Third Age.
recording Jane's podcasts

Saturday Seminar 21 November 2020 - Why did Americans vote this way? recording

2020 Port Phillip Seniors Festival  Saturday Seminar 10 October 2020 - The Palace Letters and the Dismissal of the Whitlam Government - Why are they important today? recording
Jenny Hocking's book, The Palace Letters; The Queen, the governor-general and the plot to dismiss Gough Whitlam, with a foreword by Malcolm Turnbull was published by Scribe Publications in October 2020.

Q&A session 30 September 2020 - Fishermans Bend in a Post COVID World

recording slides presented by Brendan Coates

Saturday Seminar 12 September 2020 - Art Deco around the World recording

Saturday Seminar 15 August 2020 - Fishermans Bend in a Post COVID World recording