.COVID-19 Contact Tracing Protocol

U3APP members with COVID-19 Infection: Contact Tracing Protocol.

Since the re-opening of the U3APP venues and the resumption of face-to-face classes we have had remarkably few cases of COVID-19 infection in our members. This reflects the care members have taken in not coming to classes or the venues when they are unwell or have been exposed.

The Committee of Management at U3APP has a protocol for handling situations where members have inadvertently attended U3APP venues when they are asymptomatic but infectious. The protocol is executed by our COVIDSafe team.

Firstly, we ask any member who tests positive to notify the Health and Safety Officer on hso@u3app.org.au that they have tested positive including the date of their first positive test and the start of their symptoms. Using this information, we can determine if they have attended U3APP venues when infectious, which is 2 full days from the start of symptoms or first positive test if they remain asymptomatic. We determine if they have been in a U3APP venue during this infectious period by looking at the face-to-face rolls, the office volunteer roster and the visitors’ book. If they have not been at a U3APP venue during their infectious period, no further action is taken except to wish them a speedy recovery.

If they have been at a U3APP venue while infectious, we compile a list of people who have been at the venue at the same time as these people are considered potential contacts. In the case of the Mary Kehoe Centre this includes all people who were attending any other face-to-face classes, office volunteers, and visitors as contact may have occurred at the front door, the office, in the corridor or toilets as well as in the face-to-face class they attended. Those on the list of potential contacts are notified by email that they have potentially been exposed and advised to get tested if symptomatic or if asymptomatic to test themselves daily for next 5 days and to notify the health and safety officer if they become positive. U3APP does not keep or store contact information and personal details. They are deleted when the contact tracing process has been completed.

Those that have tested positive for COVID-19 may return to the U3APP venues after the end of their isolation period which is 7 days from the date of their first positive test.

By using this protocol, the Committee of Management hopes that transmission in its venues is kept to a minimum and that all members remain well.

Dr Gillian Wood
U3APP Health and Safety Officer
Email: hso@u3app.org.au
Mobile: 0409 068 653