COVID-safe requirements for members

IMPORTANT information about COVID-related issues:

Proof of vaccination:

It is no longer mandatory for members to provide proof of full COVID vaccination before they can attend U3APP face-to-face courses or events. However if you have been vaccinated, we request that you provide us with proof for our records, in case restrictions are re-imposed at a future date. If you haven't provided proof, you will still be able to enrol in a class, but may be excluded if restrictions are re-imposed.

There are two ways that members can provide proof of vaccination to U3APP:

  • On-line by filling in a form on the website, attaching proof of vaccination, then submitting.

Click here to go to the Proof of Vaccination page where you can complete the form.

Please note: The change of status to "Vaccinated Member" is a manual process. There may be a short delay after you provide proof and/or pay membership before your membership status changes.

  • In person by coming to the Mary Kehoe Centre during office hours, where you will provide proof by showing your phone or a document to an Office Volunteer who will record your proof in our systems and update your membership status.


The only information that is permanently recorded in the U3APP system in either case is the "Vaccination valid from" date (the date of the most recent vaccination). Documents submitted on-line as proof are deleted from the system once the "Vaccination valid from" date has been recorded.

Emergency Contact details:

These have become a more important requirement because of COVID. Please ensure that yours are complete and up-to-date before paying or renewing your membership.

If you need to, click here to check and update your details.