From U3APP President
Sheila Quairney

What a difference a year makes!Back at the end of Term 2 last year, many of us were still anxiously awaiting our first Covid vaccination. We never left home without a mask and if we were lucky, no one we knew had ever tested positive for Coronovirus. The doors to the Mary Kehoe Centre, and to the country, were firmly closed, and overseas travel – or even travel interstate – was a distant memory.

Fast forward to June 2022 and life looks very different. Like some of you, I’ve recently enjoyed a trip overseas to catch up with family and friends. And like others, I’ve caught the virus, but thankfully have recovered.

U3A Port Phillip life has now resumed with gusto, and with the prospect of several enticing new courses on offer in Term 3.

There have been big changes also on the U3APP Committee of Management since June last year. Only two of us are still serving – Peter Chung, our Treasurer, and me – but we’ve benefited greatly from the insight and fresh perspectives of our relatively new team. We’ve had an away day to plan our revised three year strategy and action plan, and we’ll be publicising the details once they’re finalised.

We also welcomed two new appointees onto the Committee of Management last week– John Hawker and Bill Logan. Thanks so much for volunteering, Bill and John, and for bringing our numbers on the Committee up to their full complement. You can read their bios here.

A very big thank you, of course, to all our fantastic volunteers, who enjoyed a well-deserved celebratory event at the Mary Kehoe Centre last Friday. And in this e-bulletin, we also pay tribute to Yvonne Smith, whose extraordinary life and proactive contribution to U3A Port Phillip both as a member and a volunteer is celebrated next week. By members, for members, is an integral part of our success and we appreciate the time and effort put in by so many of you to keep our organisation moving forward.

Enjoy the winter break, wherever you may be, and see you all in Term 3.