1B03 Shakespeare: Get Your Act Together

Tutor/Facilitator Helen Vorrath

Date: on/from Mon 6 Jun 2022 to Mon 4 Apr 2022
Frequency: Weekly until 4 April
Class time: 5:00-6:30

Delivered ZOOM

Other information

Participants will be invited to choose one act from any Shakespeare play, investigate it in depth, and then lead a discussion session about it. This could include showing a video of a performance, playing a podcast or video of a Shakespeare expert discussing the play, or just be their own thoughts on how that Act works in the play.

Is it a first Act in which Shakespeare introduces his characters and sets up the plot? Is it the pivotal Act III in which characters are tested and fortunes turn around, for better or worse? Is it the final Act in which everyone dies or gets married, depending on whether it is a tragedy or a comedy?  Does it include a famous scene, like the storm scene in which King Lear goes mad? Does it have one of the great speeches – “Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow” or “To be or not to be”. Or is it an Act from a less well- known play which you think is revealing about the human condition, or anything else?

Suggestions will be distributed for those who would find them helpful, but you will be welcome to get your Act together as you see fit.

REQUIREMENTS: Interest in Shakespeare’s plays

TUTOR: Helen is an experienced teacher and tutor in her professional field (computers and IT), is also a Shakespeare devotee with an English degree.


No Class 14 March (Labour Day)