1B12 Shakespeare and the Human Condition (Repeat Course)

Tutor/Facilitator Helen Vorrath

Date: on/from Mon 22 Feb 2021 to Mon 29 Mar 2021
Frequency: Weekly until end Term 1
Class time: 5:00-6:30

Delivered ZOOM

Other information

400 years on, Shakespeare is still revered because he understands how the human mind works. He is a philosopher and a psychologist, as much as he is a brilliant poet. Just as he refined and extended our language, so he defined what it is to be human.

This course will discuss Shakespeare’s take on the things that motivate all of us: love, marriage, grief, hate, cruelty, greed, envy, ambition, fear, racism, hedonism, wit, stupidity, parent-child relationships, sibling rivalry, etc. For each topic, we will look at the way it is treated in a number of plays, giving people an opportunity to compare and contrast plays they don’t know with plays they are more familiar with.

You don’t need to have read Shakespeare’s entire opus to participate. Part of the aim of the course is to stimulate people to read or re-read his plays. Each class will begin with a lecture, followed by discussion of the points raised.

TUTOR: Helen Vorrath, an experienced teacher and tutor in her professional field (computers and IT), is also a Shakespeare devotee with an English degree.


No class 8 March