1K03 Understanding the Secrets of Human Perception

Tutor/Facilitator Jim Pribble

Date: on/from Mon 5 Oct 2020 to Mon 14 Dec 2020
Frequency: weekly
Class time: 9:30-11:30

Other information

A study of the effects of memory and emotion on our perception of our everyday world. For example, the look or a memory of a food item can affect how we perceive the flavours/texture of a similar item. This course explores the neuroscientific aspects of our sensory equipment – ears, eyes, nose, etc. Then we investigate vision and how we sense motion, depth, colour, then on to a focus on taste, smell, hearing and touch. Lastly is a discussion on ESP and other sixth-sense phenomena.

The course is based on a series of videos from the Great Courses. We will view two videos each class session except on Tuesday 8 December*** and Monday 14 December when we will view 3 video segments to end the course and the term.

*** Due to Monday 7 December being U3APP Enrolment Day for 2021, this class will be held at the usual time on Tuesday 8 December

TUTOR: Jim has a Masters’ degree in Biology/Ecology and Radiation Biology from Oregon State. He has presented a number of courses at U3APP over the past couple of years, including investigations of the Maya, Aztec, North American First Nations people, Cultures of Pre-Columbian South America, Ancient Egypt and others. He is a member of the U3APP Committee of Management and a member of the COVID-19 Working Group.


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