1K04 History of Scientific Medicine

Tutor/Facilitator Bronwen Bryant

Date: on/from Mon 29 Aug 2022 to 12 Sep 2022
Frequency: Weekly
Class time: 1:30-2:45

Delivered F2F

Mary Kehoe Centre, Room 3

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This course tracks the history of Western scientific medicine, via biographies of historical figures. Starting with Hippocrates, we will consider famous medical people and their discoveries, such as methods of examination, diagnosis and surgery, treatments, drugs and antiseptics. We will conclude with Australian winners of the Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine.

This course is a facilitation and expansion of the course sourced from The Teaching Company (USA), entitled “ Doctors: the history of scientific medicine revealed through biography”.

TUTOR: Bronwen has degrees in pharmacy and science, and PhD in pharmacology (study of drugs). Her career was in medical research, teaching and publishing, and she is co-author of a textbook of pharmacology for health professionals.