1L22 Building a Better Vocabulary

Tutor/Facilitator Jim Pribble

Date: on/from Mon 3 Feb 2020 to Mon 6 Jul 2020
Frequency: weekly - Term 1 and 2
Class time: 12:30-2:15

(Percy) Grainger Museum, University of Melbourne

Other information

Looking for that 15-letter word to finish DA’s crossword puzzle? Need a 9- letter word to solve the Target puzzle? Have you encountered words while reading with which you are unfamiliar? Maybe this is the course for you. During this 2-term course we will examine more than 250 words (definitions, etymology, usage) which you might encounter while reading, watching videos, or attending classes/lectures.

The course will consist of videos produced by The Great Courses, each of which is approximately 30 minutes in length. We will watch 2 videos each class session.

TUTOR: Jim has an MSc in environmental sciences from Oregon State University in the USA. He was employed by the Department of Conservation (State Government) from 1979 to 1999, then moved to private enterprise. Jim is blessed/cursed by an insatiable curiosity, so exploring vocabulary helps satisfy his “need to know”. Previous courses facilitated by Jim include the evolution of the English language, a history of ancient Egypt and, more recently, a 3-term course on the history of the Olmec, Maya and Aztec cultures in Mesoamerica.

No classes: 9 March, 8 June