1M11 How to Listen to and Understand Great Music

Tutor/Facilitator Jim Pribble

Date: on/from Mon 7 Jun 2021 to Mon 2 Aug 2021
Frequency: Weekly
Class time: 9:30-12:00

Delivered ZOOM

Other information

Investigation of music through the ages: early church, Middle Ages, Renaissance, baroque era, national styles, classical era, sonatas, concertos, symphonies, 19th century German and Italian operas, and 20th century modernism.

Presented by Dr Robert Greenberg in 48 videos of 45-minute length – coffee break between episodes. Dr Greenberg delivered a previously viewed series of lectures called “Understand the Fundamentals of Music”. The present course shouldn’t be quite as demanding as Fundamentals but still delivered in Dr Greenberg’s engaging presentation style.

NOTE: We may have an occasional gathering in a face-to-face context, regulations allowing.

TUTOR: Jim is a member of U3APP Committee of Management and the COVID-19 Working Group. He has presented courses on the evolution of the English language; Ancient Egypt; ancient cultures of Meso-America, North America and South America. He holds a BSc and MSc from Oregon State University, USA, in biological sciences.