1P07 Ethics: Principles and Problems

Tutor/Facilitator Elvira Edmond

Date: on/from Mon 3 Feb 2020 to Mon 14 Sep 2020
Frequency: weekly
Class time: 12:45-2:15

Other information

This is a continuation of Elvira’s Term 1 course which was paused early in March and will resume on 13 July.  It got up to Virtue, Ethics. Elvira will recap deontology and Utilitarianism.

Next we will look at right actions – are our actions free and in what sense? How come we know the right thing to do but fail? The problem of Akrasia. NOTE: Participants are asked to have a working familiarity with the following online information:-

 The first chapter of the Mark Timmons book, Moral Theory: An Introduction (Second Edition), Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, 2013 – parts of which will be used for the entire course. Available online at academia.edu/3626363/Timmons_Moral_Theory._An_Introduction_Chapter_1

 The first chapter of the 1903 book Principia Ethica by G E Moore, in the public domain, will feature during this course, but only the first chapter, titled “The Subject Matter of Ethics”.
Available online at fair-use.org/g-e-moore/principia-ethica/.

TUTOR: Elvira has taught Philosophy at the University of Melbourne and offered a course in Epistemology in previous years.