1P09 Ethics and Reason 2

Tutor/Facilitator Elvira Edmond

Date: on/from Mon 21 Jun 2021 to Mon 21 Jun 2021
Frequency: Weekly Term 2
Class time: 12:45-2:15

Delivered ZOOM

Other information

In Term 2 we will examine ethical issues left unexamined in Term 1.

Among other things we will look at arguments—articles and book chapters: (1) Which address the meta-ethical question: Does it make sense to talk about “moral facts” that are knowable by everyone?
(2) Which address the normative ethical question: What sorts of entities have ethical value and what, if any, are our duties towards these entities? (3) Which address the practical question: What best practice recommendations are relevant in the acquisition and exercise of ethical standards?

In other words …
Is there or isn’t there some property that makes something a candidate for moral worth?
Whether there is or not, do we have obligations towards morally worthy entities?
How do we get to know what has moral worth and what do we do about it?

REQUIREMENTS: Although you can start with just your curiosity and no prior experience, some of the material we will look at suggests some prior ruminations on your part might come in handy. A general familiarity with philosophy texts is useful. Even more useful is your flair for methodical critical thinking.

TUTOR: Elvira has taught Philosophy at the University of Melbourne and offered a course in Epistemology in previous years.


No class 14 June