1S01 Japanese for Travellers Plus (L)

Tutor/Facilitator Helen Devereux

Date: on/from Mon 4 Oct 2021 to end year
Frequency: Weekly
Class time: 10:30-12:15

Delivered ZOOM

Other information

Learn the basics of Japanese to make your journey to Japan more enjoyable.

The PLUS in the title of the course refers to taking it just a little bit further and into Beginner’s Japanese.

Useful Language Only

We will learn useful language to be used in situations such as –

  • greetings
  • at the airport
  • buying tickets
  • at the hotel (or other accommodation)
  • shopping (food, department store)
  • in a restaurant or cafe (menus, prices)
  • at a museum
  • sightseeing
  • using transport
  • asking questions
  • reading signs
  • asking for directions and understanding what we hear
  • and more

Writing Systems

As our main focus is on communicating (speaking and listening), we will start our learning using Romaji (romanised Japanese). As the year progresses, we will look at Japanese writing systems – hiragana, katakana and some kanji.

Books, Apps, Youtube, Websites & Audio materials

We will explore all types of FREE learning materials and use them to our advantage.

TUTOR: Helen has been studying Japanese (On and Off) for 30 years. She is passionate about Japan and has been to Japan on ten occasions. She studied Japanese for two years at University and several terms at the Japan Seminar House. She brings an understanding of the problems faced by foreigners learning Japanese and uses creativity, imagery and memory skills to help participants to learn quickly and retain what they are learning. Her time spent in Japan has helped to identify the areas where “travel Japanese” will benefit and enhance any journey to Japan.
This Course is a continuation of 4S01 and has now moved from Thursdays to Mondays.  No New Enrolments
Please Note: Classes on 25 October and 22 November will start at 11:00am and end at 12:15pm

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