1T05 Creating a Photo Book using your Apple laptop

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Tutor/Facilitator Gabrielle Keeshan & Sue Barnes

Date: on/from Mon 13 May 2019 to Mon 24 Jun 2019
Frequency: weekly for 8 weeks
Class time: 12:30-2:30

Mary Kehoe Centre, Room 2

Other information

This course is hands-on learning on your Apple laptop. You will learn how to create your own Photo Book using a commercial photo book template.

NOTE: This course is a repeat of Apple laptop Photo Book course In 2016.

REQUIREMENTS: Bring your Apple laptop to class – you must own and be efficient in using an Apple Mac laptop.
There are no PC laptops for this class.
Students enrolling must confirm they own an Apple Mac laptop.

TUTORS: Gabrielle is experienced in corporate communications; designing campaigns and resource materials for online web presence. She enjoys putting together Photo Books of her travels and has run a course at U3APP previously.
Sue is a Melbourne-based photographer who finds inspiration in travelling the world, using only her iPhone camera, to capture and create professional images. Sue also runs a Mac iPhone Photography course at U3APP.

No class June 10.