2E14 Hoppa Hey Multicultural Dance

Tutor/Facilitator Naomi Gordon, Marie Feigl, Sheffi Shapira

Date: on/from Tue 27 Oct 2020 to end year
Frequency: Weekly
Class time: 11:30-1:00

Other information

Multicultural dances from around the world, to world music.  Activities for preparing for the dancing.

New members are invited to come at 11.15 to learn the dance skills for easier integration into the group.  The session will include dances and exercise, starting with easy dances, slowly progressing to more challenging dances.  The exercises are designed to increase stamina, flexibility, strength and balance, relevant to the dances taught.  Memory and socialisation are also enhanced through the dance program.  There will be rest breaks during the session.

REQUIREMENTS: No experience necessary; no partner needed; basic fitness required (relevant to age); comfortable clothing, allowing freedom of movement, eg jeans/slacks or skirt/dress, T-shirt and pullover, allowing removal of one layer when warmed up; comfortable supportive footwear, eg joggers, “health” sandals with back strap, both to be worn with cotton socks.


Marie has had a lifetime of dancing since childhood. She holds a Graduate Diploma in Movement and Dance from the Department of Education, University of Melbourne, and the Recreational Folkdance Teaching Certificate from Ausdance Australia. Marie has had over 20 years of dance teaching experience and her greatest joy is to bring the joy of dance to others.

Naomi is an experienced Occupational Therapist (Senior Clinician in Gerontology at one stage) who successfully ran such groups in a hospital setting. Naomi has used her Occupational Therapy training and dance experience to choreograph and teach dance sessions, appropriate to skill levels, in hospital and community settings.

Sheffi is a well-known master of folk dance teaching with advanced certification. Sheffi is a charismatic master teacher of dance with advanced qualifications and many years of experience running creative programs for all ages and backgrounds.