2G09 Cryptic Crosswords for Fun (Tuesday)

Tutor/Facilitator Colin Fryer

Date: on/from Tue 22 Nov 2022 to end year
Frequency: Weekly
Class time: 11:30-12:45

Delivered ZOOM

Other information

Students will enjoy solving cryptic crosswords in small groups, with level of difficulty suiting each student. Any students who have not worked with Colin before will be provided with and guided through his notes on cryptic crosswords.

REQUIREMENTS: Note paper, pen/pencil, preferably with ability to print electronic documents.
Enrolees must have:
 been part of a previous “Cryptics for Fun” class with Colin OR
 completed “Cryptic Crosswords for Beginners” with Colin OR
 have some experience in solving cryptic puzzles.
so that they are confident in tackling puzzles of moderate difficulty and ready to work with a group on more difficult ones.

TUTOR: Colin is a retired engineer with a love of words and language. He lives with several books of cryptic puzzles at his bedside and completes David Astle’s puzzle in the Friday Age every week.