2H03 Living Younger Longer

Tutor/Facilitator John Beaney & Beryl Beaney

Date: on/from Tue 23 Aug 2022 to Tue 29 Nov 2022
Frequency: Weekly
Class time: 9:00-11:00

Delivered ZOOM

Other information

This course includes the second, third, fourth and fifth segments of John’s nutrition program. John says: “I’m going to assume that you’re like me, and don’t want to end your days in a nursing home or spend years battling chronic diseases at home. Since my retirement after nearly 50 years in general practice, I have been developing talks about the diseases of modern civilisation caused by the food we eat. You are welcome to join any or all of these talks, and I look forward to meeting you there.”

23rd August: Healing Ourselves and the Planet. Over four weeks, we’ll take a wide-ranging look at the evolution of what we eat, including the history, the morals, ethics, the science and politics. Can we use traditional farming to reverse global warming and feed ten billion people – and heal the planet?

4th October: Big Bang to Big Mac. This is my favourite course! Over two weeks, we look at how we evolved from bacteria. We look at the unexpected consequences of agricultural and industrial revolutions, the Great Acceleration of the 1950s and artificial intelligence.

18th October: Alzheimer’s Disease. Over three weeks we look at how a disease first diagnosed in 1906 is now one of the commonest and still increasing. We discuss in detail how to avoid this tragic condition.

15th November: Fixing the leaks. Over three weeks, we discuss leaky gut, leaky brain and the gut microbiome, terms that are rapidly evolving from fringe to mainstream medicine. We examine the membrane surrounding every cell and the evidence that certain foods damage it. We discuss how to prevent or even reverse the problem.

TUTOR: In 2014, having retired after forty years as a GP, John commenced a comprehensive in-depth study of nutrition, changed his diet, lost 24 kilos and now enjoys sharing his new understanding of this ever-evolving and fascinating subject.


Beryl Beaney is his co-host for the sessions.


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