2L11 Chinese Mandarin – Post Beginners (L)

Tutor/Facilitator Teresa Martin-Lim

Date: on/from Tue 12 Jul 2022 to end year
Frequency: Weekly
Class time: 1:00-2:30

Delivered ZOOM

Other information

The course focus is on aural/oral teaching. We have finished the textbook “Easy-Peasy Chinese” (copies available at City Library). Most students have also purchased “Chinese On The Go”. This class will now have a dual focus: language learning as in previous years plus it will now include a section on cultural & social info/ discussion about China. The tutor will send online material that is to be looked at it in class.

REQUIREMENTS: Minimum beginners course completed. Some knowledge of Pinyin Chinese preferred.

TUTOR: Teresa has been a high school & ESL teacher from 1975 until retirement in 2015. She is a Singapore-born Fujian speaker with knowledge of Mandarin (& other dialects) and Indonesian/Malay.