2S07 France in North America – The History of New France

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Tutor/Facilitator Ian Mackay

Date: on/from Tue 23 Jul 2019 to Tue 20 Aug 2019
Frequency: Weekly for 6 weeks
Class time: 1:30-3:30

Mary Kehoe Centre, Room 2

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The story of New France is largely forgotten, yet France’s colonisation in North America profoundly changed world history. This course will look behind the myths of the victors to follow the story from the perspectives of the five very different cultures that struggled to dominate the North American continent between 1500 and 1800.

It will examine the role played by geo-politics, religion, race, and individuals, as well as by incredible luck and sheer stupidity. It will uncover great vision, feats of exploration, and acts of national shame, and question some very famous reputations. Ultimately, it will show how these all led directly to the rise of the two great global powers of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries – but also how close they came to producing a very different outcome.

TUTOR: A graduate of Glasgow University, Ian worked in IT management and consulting in a career spanning a number of multinational companies. He has lived in Melbourne since 1984.

Since retiring Ian has tutored at Monash University, ran seminars for National Seniors Australia, and for the last 15 years has taught classes on the Internet and then iPad/iPhones for Port Phillip, Melbourne City and Glen Eira U3As. Ian’s interest in lesser known areas of history has also led to the development of courses on the history of the French in North America and on the Highland Clearances.