2T06 ANDROID Phones – the Basics and the latest NEW Smartphone Features

Tutor/Facilitator Jude Hatton

Date: on/from Tue 26 Jul 2022 to Thu 13 Sep 2022
Frequency: Weekly Term 3
Class time: 2:00-4:00

Delivered ZOOM

Other information

Do you have an Android phone or device and use it for all the usual things –
calls, text messages, emails and photos? BUT … there is so much more you
can do with your phone. Are you hesitant to try out new methods on your
phone? Updated features for your device are almost being added daily.

It is important to know how to keep your device and your data secure,
protect your privacy and use it’s many features more efficiently.
Join our class and learn many tips, tricks and shortcuts. Surprise your family
and friends with your new skills

REQUIREMENTS: Android mobile phone/tablet (Samsung, Nokia, Motorola,
Oppo, Google etc).

TUTOR: Jude has 53 years of experience with computers as programmer,
systems analyst, and Head Teacher of an IT Department in TAFE. For many
years she has been teaching seniors how to use and improve their computer