3B01 Book Group 1

Tutor/Facilitator Judith Armstrong

Date: on/from Wed 21 Apr 2021 to end year
Frequency: Monthly, 3rd Wed
Class time: 10:00-11:30

Delivered F2F

Other information

This book group will try to introduce members to books covering various genres and authors they may not have considered previously. We will hopefully be able to invite the occasional guest speaker.
All members will be encouraged to choose a book for the group to read. Choices will be made in 4-6 months blocks to enable members to read ahead. Books may not be the latest releases as this can make obtaining copies from libraries difficult.
Members will speak to the book they have chosen, then comments will be sought from the others.
We will endeavour to read at least one classic during the year.
TUTOR: Judith will try to fill the big shoes of Book Group 1’s previous convenors, Ron Ashbolt and the late Dahlia Millengen. Judith has been an avid reader since age 4, starting with A.A. Milne and ending up with an interest in mystery, crime and history.

Course will be held in a private home