3B05 Play Reading

Tutor/Facilitator Myrna Fielden

Date: on/from Wed 28 Oct 2020 to end year
Frequency: Fortnightly
Class time: 1:30-4:30

Mary Kehoe Centre, Room 3

Other information

At each meeting we read a full-length play from World Theatre. Our selection of plays is restricted to those written in, or translated into, English and available as sets from the Victorian Drama League Library. We cover comedy, drama, historical, tragedy and melodrama.

Play reading is an exercise in empathy for each of us. For 3 hours we must shed our own identity to take part in another story entirely. Unlike actors, who have time to study and rehearse, we readers must discover who we are, and our part in the story, as we read. Of course we cannot hope for the dramatic experience of a rehearsed performance, but we can come close to this when we read a play that we have seen performed on stage or screen. This often happens because suggestions of plays to read have always been, and will always be, welcome.

NOTE: For many older people, including the tutor, reading a play has one important advantage over going to the theatre: you never miss a single word!