3E18 Post-Beginners Kundalini Yoga

Tutor/Facilitator Peter Chung

Date: on/from Wed 5 Aug 2020 to Wed 16 Sep 2020
Frequency: Weekly
Class time: 10:00-11:15

Other information

This is a continuing course for Kundalini Yoga. Flexibility of body (while nice to have) is not a prerequisite, more important is flexibility of mind; willingness to experience a new discipline in a non-judgmental and non-competitive environment would be paramount.

Students will go through a series of breathing exercises while sitting on the floor with a straight back (as far as your body allows) with eyes closed for inner focus and in a meditative state. Physical movements will be introduced gradually and there are always alternate positions available as we all have different physical constraints.

(Note – Kundalini Yoga could be physically demanding for intermediate and advanced levels.)

This is not a course to try for a week or two and give up – each class will be progressively built from previous week(s). All I ask is your commitment.

The emphasis is on your breath, mind and body (in that sequence). This practice does not follow any religious discipline or faith.

Suitable for students of both genders, and I would particularly encourage men who have never tried yoga to participate (often assuming certain extremely flexible yoga pose is required – NOT true for this course).

REQUIREMENTS: Completion of introductory Kundalini Yoga or some experience of Hatha Yoga

Please have your own yoga mat or cushion (for sitting if required).

A quiet environment is essential

NOTE: New participants not accepted after second class.

TUTOR: Peter has been a regular yoga practitioner in different styles of yoga for a number of years, Kundalini yoga for the last 2½ years. He finally decided to do his Level 1 Yoga Teachers Training course in Kundalini Yoga in Rishekesh, India (often referred to as the home of yoga).