3K02 The Human Body – How We Fail and How We Heal

Tutor/Facilitator Gillian Wood

Date: on/from Wed 23 Feb 2022 to Wed 25 May 2022
Frequency: Weekly
Class time: 2:00-3:00

Delivered ZOOM

Other information

This course is given by an American general surgeon, Professor Anthony Goodman from Montana State University. It covers the fundamentals of cell biology, normal body function and cell injury. It also covers, at the molecular, cellular, and total body level, the inflammatory response and the immune response, which are the body’s responses to external and internal challenges such as microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, parasites), trauma, shock, and cancer (the enemy within). Finally, it covers the healing of the body.

There are 24 half hour lectures in the series, two lectures will be presented in each session with half an hour for questions.

Gillian will be available for questions and comments after each lecture.

TUTOR: Gillian is a retired microbiologist and infectious diseases scientist.