3L07 German Conversation And Culture Intermediate (L)

Tutor/Facilitator Gudrun Schell

Date: on/from Wed 10 Jun 2020 to end year
Frequency: Weekly
Class time: 10:00-11:30

Mary Kehoe Centre, Room 1

Other information

This is a German Conversation class at intermediate level.

Textbook Enjoy German by Heiner Schenke & Paul Coggle will be used in class and for homework.

We read German texts such as newspaper articles, poetry and short stories, which we translate and discuss. Class members are encouraged to contribute ideas for discussion. The course will assist students’ fluency and cultural understanding.

REQUIREMENTS: Minimum German High School standard. Ideally University or experience of living/working/travelling in Germany. Some basic understanding of grammar is expected. A sense of humour is essential.

Textbook is Enjoy German by Heiner Schenke & Paul Coggle.

TUTOR: Gudrun is a native German speaker who studied German Culture and Literature at University.