3P01 Introduction to Philosophy

Tutor/Facilitator Douglas Adeney

Date: on/from Wed 30 Mar 2022 to Wed 6 April 2022
Frequency: Weekly Term 1
Class time: 11:45-1:15

Delivered ZOOM

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What is philosophy? What good is it? When in life should it be studied?
After considering these questions we will explore a few of the classic problems of philosophy, including the following:

  • The freedom of the will. Do we really have this, or are all our choices fully determined by hereditary and environmental causes?
  • The nature of morality. Can moral statements have ‘objective’ truth, or do they just signify a group or individual’s customs or preferences?

TUTOR: Douglas has philosophy degrees from Monash University (MA) and the University of St Andrews, Scotland (PhD). He taught philosophy at Melbourne State College and then for many years at the University of Melbourne. He has been joyfully involved at U3APP since 2018.