3P04 Critical Thinking

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Tutor/Facilitator Douglas Adeney

Date: on/from Wed 26 Jun 2019 to Wed 26 Jun 2019
Frequency: weekly for 7 weeks
Class time: 11:45-1:15

Mary Kehoe Centre, Room 3

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Critical thinking skills help us to identify and evaluate various patterns of thought and their expression. We will work through a number of sets of short examples – some good and some not so good, some genuine and some invented, some topical and some timeless.
TUTOR: Douglas has Philosophy degrees from Monash University (MA) and the University of St Andrews, Scotland (PhD). He taught philosophy at Melbourne State College and then for many years at the University of Melbourne. More recently he has taught numerous courses at the Centre for Adult Education (CAE), and now he is also greatly enjoying his involvement at U3APP.