3P05 Political Texts: Eight Greats

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Tutor/Facilitator Douglas Adeney

Date: on/from Wed 6 Nov 2019 to end year
Frequency: Weekly 16 Sessions
Class time: 11:45-1:15

Mary Kehoe Centre, Room 3

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Who should govern, and on what principles? What is the rightful extent of individual liberty, and of private property?

This course is a brief introduction to eight classic texts in political philosophy, each of which addresses at least some of the questions above:

 Plato, The Republic

 Aristotle, Politics

 Machiavelli, The Prince

 Hobbes, Leviathan

 Locke, Second Treatise of Government

 Rousseau, The Social Contract

 Marx and Engels, The Communist Manifesto

 Mill, On Liberty

In each case excerpts will be provided, and a number of key points will be identified and critically discussed.

TUTOR: Douglas has Philosophy degrees from Monash University (MA) and the University of St Andrews, Scotland (PhD). He taught philosophy at Melbourne State College and then for many years at the University of Melbourne. More recently he has taught numerous courses at the Centre for Adult Education (CAE), and now he is also greatly enjoying his involvement at U3APP.

PLEASE NOTE:  This Course runs from 24 July to 11 September, then from 16 October to 4 December