3P14 The Bad Life: The Seven Deadly Sins

Tutor/Facilitator Douglas Adeney

Date: on/from Wed 18 Nov 2020 to end year
Frequency: Weekly
Class time: 11:45-1:15

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Pride, avarice … How many of the others can you name?
But why these seven? We shall consider some ideas about the origin of the septet (which is not biblical), and acknowledge its glorious (?) career in medieval art and literature, before examining each of the sins in turn. Are all of them bad, always?
REQUIREMENTS: No experience or materials required.
TUTOR: Douglas has Philosophy degrees from Monash University (MA) and the University of St Andrews, Scotland (PhD). He taught philosophy at Melbourne State College and then for many years at the University of Melbourne. More recently he has taught numerous courses at the Centre for Adult Education (CAE), and now he is also greatly enjoying his involvement at U3APP.