3T20 Understanding your Car

Tutor/Facilitator Ian MacDonald

Date: on/from Wed 7 Oct 2020 to end year
Frequency: fortnightly
Class time: 1:30-3:30

Mary Kehoe Centre, Room 3

Other information

Participants will venture into the fun-filled experiences of motoring through collaborative and experiential-based discussion, practical and individual learning projects that construct topics as we go in sessions, some “hands on” (as needed) where participants can experience the practicalities of routine maintenance. Some suggested topics (in no particular order) are:

How does my car work?
What’s wrong with my car?
Should I fix my car?
What could I do … really?
What could I do if I did know?
Will I need tools?
Oils ain’t Oils Saul!
What’s that noise?
What should I buy – old (how old?), new, electric, electric/hybrid or PHEV?
Is the freebee a good deal?
When should I sell?
Does the dealership give me value for money?
How useful is the local garage?
Are motoring organisations okay?
Should I drive with the top down, wind in my hair?

Session structure will include: update from last session, welcome to new members, housekeeping, talks on progress of individual and group projects, planning next topic. main topic today and discussion, wrap-up, and finish with coffee.

NOTE: Sessions can be joined or re-joined throughout the course.
REQUIREMENTS: Car service manual, pen and notebook, pen torch, and sense of humour.
TUTOR: Ian was originally an apprenticed automotive mechanical engineer (motor mechanic) for 17 years, servicing maintaining everything from garden mowers to V16 high-performance marine propulsion systems. Through further education he gained BA Social Science, majoring in sociology/philosophy/psychology, and Training and Leadership Studies located in faculty of workplace development.

Dates for Terms 3 & 4 are:

July 15 & 29
August 12 & 26
September 9 & 23
October 7 & 21
November 4 & 18
December 2