Egypt: 500,000BC to 30BC

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Date of event or class - Tue 9 Oct

Tutor/Facilitator Jim Pribble - Facilitator

Frequency weekly

Mary Kehoe Centre, Room 3

Other information

The spine for the course is a series of lectures from two of the many Great Sources series. The lecturer is Dr Bob Brier, Egyptologist and Professor of Philosophy at the Long Island University, New York, USA.

There will be two half-hour lectures each week, with time to discuss and reflect. Topics that will be covered are:

Week 1: Ancient Egypt – Introduction / Prehistoric Egypt

Week 2: Ancient Egypt – Egyptian Thought / Rosetta Stone

Week 3: Namer – The Unification of Egypt / Sneferu – The Pyramid Builder

Week 4: Hatsheput –-Female Pharaoh / Akhenaten – Heretic Pharaoh

Week 5: Tutankhamen – The Lost Pharaoh / Tutankhamen – A Murder Theory

Week 6: Ramses the Great – The Early Years / Ramses – The Twilight Years

Week 7: The Nubians – Egypt Restored / Alexander the Great – Anatomy of a Legend

Week 8: The First Ptolemies – Greek Greatness / Cleopatra – The Last Pharaoh

TUTOR: Jim has an MSc Biological Research degree, with 30 years experience in natural resource management/research in Oregon, USA and within the Victorian Government. He Is an author of many technical papers and reports, and is an experienced public speaker. He is currently tutoring a course at U3APP covering the evolution of the English language.

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