4E25 Yoga For Wellbeing

Tutor/Facilitator Chris Beckingsale

Date: on/from Thu 2 Dec 2021 to end year
Frequency: Weekly until End Term 4
Class time: 10:00-11:00

Delivered ZOOM

Other information

This class focuses on the body, breath and mind to improve overall
wellbeing. Each class has a bhavana, or focus, to engage the mind, postures
to increase strength and flexibility and maintain good posture and balance.
Movement is supported and led by the breath and the class flows through
varied sequencing of gentle standing, kneeling, prone and lying postures
which can be modified to the individual. Relaxation is accompanied with
Vedic Chanting, a beautiful tool of yoga which draws on the healing mantras
from that vast body of Indian wisdom, the Vedas.
REQUIREMENTS: No experience required but the ability gently and carefully
to move from standing to floor-based postures and up again is necessary for
this class..
TUTOR: Chris is a long time yoga practitioner and a qualified yoga teacher,
Training in the tradition of T Krishnamacharya at the Agama Yoga Centre,
Middle Park, and graduating in 2016. In February 2020, Chris graduated as a
Vedic Chant Teacher under the tutelage of Debby Badger, Vedic Chant and
Yoga Teacher, Indi House, Brighton and world renowned Radha
Sundararajan from Chennai, India. Very sadly, Radha passed away in May
this year from Covid-19 having touched the lives of many students around
the world from her heart..