4G09 Introduction to Bridge

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Tutor/Facilitator Peter George

Date: on/from Thu 28 Mar 2019 to Thu 13 June 2019
Frequency: weekly until 13 June
Class time: 10:30-12:30

Mary Kehoe Centre, Room 1

Other information

Introduction to Bridge which covers the structure of a game, bidding, declarer play in a no-trump contract and a trump contract, defense.
NOTE: No enrolments accepted after first class as this is a structured course.
REQUIREMENTS: Text book, costing $20, will be available from the tutor.
TUTOR: Peter has played Bridge for 16 years, competes in tournaments, and has previous teaching experience.

Please note – classes from Term 2 onwards will be as follows:

  • 9 May
  • 16 May
  • 23 May
  • 30 May
  • 13 June

No classes on 2 May or 6 June