4H06 4PM Helping you to Relax

Tutor/Facilitator Sheila Quairney

Date: on/from Thu 6 Aug 2020 to Thu 3 Dec 2020
Frequency: Weekly
Class time: 4:00-4:30

Other information

This class will guide you through simple and effective breathing techniques based on the yoga practice of Pranayama (breath awareness) to prepare you for a 15-20 minute relaxation. Taking part in the class will help you to reduce stress, gain focus, and refresh and energise you to face life’s challenges.
REQUIREMENTS: No experience necessary. Suitable for all members. First 10 minutes of the class will be done on an upright but comfortable chair, to practise breathing techniques and so that I can see and engage with everyone. Class members can remain seated or move onto the floor (mat or blanket or towel) for relaxation practice. They will need a blanket to keep warm, a quiet room, and possibly a cushion or pillow for support.
NOTE: This is not an exercise class. There will be some very gentle joint freeing movements at the start of the class to help members to let go of tension. As these are purely warm up movements such as singers do, eg shoulder shrugs, wrist circling, head tilts etc, they are suitable for everyone to do to their own level of comfort.
TUTOR: Sheila has been a Hatha Yoga teacher for nearly 30 years. She has always taught yoga breathing and relaxation as an integral part of her classes. She is delighted that Zoom enables her to offer an online class in these techniques so that members can practise in the comfort of their own homes and learn tools and techniques that they can use at any time.